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  • Those same qualities are beautifully reflected in your images. With an approach that’s all about a fresh and comfortable modern style mixed with some traditional portraits , they create a serene and balanced feeling in each lovely photo he takes. With an artist’s eye through the lens he shows us a simple, stylish and uncomplicated look at the beauty and wonder that a wedding day brings. Simply. Beautiful. Photography.


  • Simple, real, and so romantic, Steve’s images expose his passionate heart and your most memorable moments. Balancing an intuitive photojournalistic approach with an ability to create breathtaking portraiture.


  • SJC photography strives to make your wedding photography experience simple, fun and stress free Focusing on what’s beautiful, real and relevant wherever they go, they create honest, authentic images that stand the test of time. 


  • Steve’s philosophy is that photography should tell the story of people's lives just as they are, and they live it by putting their clients at ease while staying in the moment to find the true expressions of happiness, love, and overwhelming emotion that make each person unique. 



  • Steve likes to listen to what you have planned on your special day and what you feel is right for you is most important as there is no point in him selling a package that you don’t really want.  " I only advise around your budget and never force sell " as I never have to.



  • Taking photos for wedding clients is something Steve personally feels you can never take to lightly, the pressure is immense butterflies in his stomach for every wedding that he shoots .This tells Steve  he is still passionate to do the best for the bride and groom.


  • And for the simple reason you are searching means you care about your images like Steve does for your  big day.


  • SJC photography says;  "Close your eyes and imagine the people most important to you having fun and enjoying themselves ,thats where I want to capture photos for you with emotion that last forever" !!!.


  • Part of why you book SJC photography  is he  devotes a great amount of time before the wedding getting to know about the wedding day and has helped brides and grooms with the odd suggestion that they have not thought about in helping them with his  humble opinion from the experience of many photographed weddings.


  • When you feel like you have new ideas for your wedding I like to hear from you at anytime between consultation. Steve does not get booked and leave it till the day to get to know you both.


  • SJC photography also provides a great range of NEW and exciting professional quality books for clients to choose from that are not high street brands.  Apart from your wedding dress your photos will be the only memory that you keep so having something of high quality standards within our book range can be provided for you to cherish.


  • SJC photography is fully insured for wedding photography for reassurance as should any photographer you choose should be.


  • Make sure they have back up equipment and a plan for if they are ill on the day.


  • Make sure you check out your photographer for style,images do they say anything to you, every photographer is unique so don't just go on price do some research like you would for your venue, suits or dress.



  • You can contact SJC photography via mobile 07504504539 or through my contact page.