Weddings in Hampshire in July by Steve Chatterton photographer coming out of Lockdown

August 05, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

We have had sad times over the past year and  in many ways there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Not only the dodging of the pandemic if you are lucky but all the new rules set upon us to live by.


So being a wedding photographer this meant lots of different thought processes.

The way I interact with new clients and old using more and more online facilities  like Skype, FaceTime and what ever else, even morse code maybe? Well thats going back a bit look it up.

It turns my attention to the way my wedding clients are interacting with elbows and kicking one anothers shines is the new contactless way I have seen families and friends saying hello . Even the nod and raise of eyebrows which most of us do anyway.


At weddings the energy seems different and heightened by not having that human contact through isolation over this long period.

There is that extra feeling of happiness when seeing loved ones after such a long time.

Maybe this is a lesson to not take things for granted.

Time goes quickly as we get told by people all the time.

 I might add its a good thing to reflect on life and what really is important to us being happy where possible.


Good luck with your weddings and life. D2




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