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Grooms speech 

How long should the speech be? Well  I would say no more than 10mins less is more. 

If your not a good speaker use props and slideshow if possible to help keep the attention and will give punch lines more clout.

Use bullet points rather than complete script it will come from the heart better.

If your nervous don’t drink to much beforehand you get one chance with this your guests will just talk about how tipsy you were rather than the content of the speech .

A good thing to do is have the speeches before the meal that way you can all relax properly but it is  entirely up to you.

Grooms speech can go after the Farther of the bride where possible.

I have seen a false tattoo on a grooms arm with yes dear written on it that was his grandads tip for a happy marriage 

Topics to talk about

Toasting thanks to Farther of the bride for there speech and first round on them lol

Thank the guests for coming

parents each side his for doing a wonderful job ha ha

Best man before he gives his speech..make joke if you want….

Helpers Bridal party  

Hand mothers flowers….Thanking them always good to get off to a good side

Finally his partner how beautiful she is….


Content of speech

Think about qualities your partner has….

How you adjusted to life together…How much better you are with her…

How you first new each other.

Funny moments together holidays friends together.

Talk about the future together plans….

Practising your speech is good so it flows better especially with banter from guests you may get.. Stay on track again with bullet points slow down pause where needed. 

Sip water.

And just have fun with it don’t over think it good luck.


It would be great with your feedback or ideas you have had of your own in the comments I would love to hear from you....


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