wedding promotion for Valentines engagements by Basingstoke photographer

February 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Hi hope you had a lovely lockdown Valentines day.

I spent it with my wife chilling for the day watching movies and such.

Was it any different to any other day at the moment was the romance still there? Yes I believe so, I am not naturally a romantic type my wife would vouch for that!

So Valentines day is what you make of it and giving a little recognition to one another can be enough sometimes but we are all different.

If your new to all this romance stuff it can be quite exciting especially if you are thinking of proposing.

So if the answer was a resounding yes then say hi and tell me about it for a new blog I want to do....

In turn all you have to do is say hi to hold onto the promotion even if you don't book a wedding photographer this week.

Still looking for dates, venues and such no worries I can help advise like a wedding planner might do.

Happy futures 


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