Have friggin fun with portrait lifestyle shoots by Steve portrait & wedding photographer

September 02, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Having friggin fun when I take photos for clients is a great way to relax people.


All the time I get clients saying how they don't like their picture taken... Does it bare how insecure we are no I don't think so we look at ourselves differently to how others perceive us. True there are introverts and extraverts to the extreme but we all line in there somewhere, some in the middle and some to the extremes.


Taking portraits for you I create fun in a calm atmosphere that is compelling even stupid to some people maybe!!! By engaging in a friendly manor we create a repour that breaks those barriers and relaxes you to feel its just another photo snap from the phone but of coarse the results will be much more through my eye and edited to shine and relive the experience in a jolly friggin awesome way.


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