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September 07, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

During this year 2020 its all been bit of a blur for me as a wedding photographer in Hampshire.

Anyone saying it has been fun well we know what the answer would be to that.....

Wedding business and everything tied to it has been in melt down but with so many positive people in the business attitude has really helped.

What else could any of us do I felt really sorry for Brides who have planned this momentous wedding occasion only to have them dashed say for most next year..

Some of the things we forget and think its easy to do it is not just the date. To be honest it can be the loved ones that might not be there as older generations move to the end of their time its true though and no denying it either. I have had weddings moved forward just so loved ones could be at the wedding through terminal illness. It is bringing family and friends together for these one off events that is so important. 

My conclusion though this year is what has made us remember what is important to us with such a fast paced society.

Loved ones that we don't always see and close friends not all the material things.....

Photography near me Basingstoke Hampshire with stunning images to enrich your memories.

People who want quality professional images with a friendly down to earth approach only need apply Lol...x


So tip to brides be happy first for you and your loved ones its not about impressing anyone be happy in yourself.


And finally live for today!!!!

Happy wedding and good Luck!!!!


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