Registry office wedding at Basingstoke by Chatterton photography during 2020 covid

August 18, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

During such a unprecedented time I felt for all the weddings that have been cancelled, not only for me but for all the industries that surround it and link in a big chain that has been sunk for sometime. 

Just my thoughts from Steve Chatterton wedding photographer Basingstoke Hants.

I was happy to be expressing my photography in a job that I undertake and enrich the memories for my clients over time.


People have different views on this situation that we find ourselves in. One thing on top of my list has been loved ones closest to me and I am sure it has made people see what really matters in life.

I was really happy to capture the few hours of my Bride and Groom's big day. It happened to be the hottest day of the year so far with the temp over 30 degrees.

The Basingstoke Registry Office is and will always be a pleasant place for Bride and Grooms to marry in with such charm and warmth about it.

We took a few images outside which turned a little cloudy when the ceremony was over. Though everyone seemed happy to have it a little cooler at that point.

So no pandemic was going to stop the smiles from happening today and look forward to creating a fantastic handmade wedding album for them too.

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