Nice polite non obtrusive photographer at your wedding in Hampshire

June 16, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

While I was sitting sipping a coffee relaxing on Sunday afternoon after a busy wedding the day before.

Just a thought from Chatterton wedding photographer Basingstoke Hants

I often reflect on how it went normally thinking how glad I don't book two weddings in a row well for me anyway I just couldn't give 110% if I had one the day after as they are long days when you give everything emotionally to the clients on their big day.

I have been fortunate on the last three weddings to have had great feedback, oh yes this has been on the day of their weddings more or less these are their kind words. 

"Steve we are so glad we picked you."

Now scratch of the head as they have not fully seen the images only some from the back of the camera so what was it?

"Well the way you conducted yourself round the family and friends fitting in with the flow, non bossy ,taking over, always thinking of others, helping with ties, button holes, refreshments,"just some of the things mentioned to me.

Whats this got to do with images? Well for me it is making everyone feel comfortable around me now thats not me entertaining singing,dancing telling jokes by the way its being able to mingle with all age groups then capturing when everyone feels more comfortable around me and not being conscious that I am there.

Having success with wedding couple clients where they are happy go lucky, some very professional clients that want to have natural as well as some nice connecting fun portraits that doesn't take them away for long periods of their wedding if they want this.

Now I am not saying I am the best that would be silly but the type of clients I have worked for seem to not go for just the price they look for a little bit more which suits me. I don't want to be the wedding photographer who has been picked because he was the cheapest. Thats not to say it works for some people in the business. I'm the one they choose for other reasons[most of the time][modest as well]


Bit of fun, well they were enjoying the company with each other and the sunshine.