Print competition over four rounds good feeling says SJC photography Hampshire

June 01, 2020  •  Leave a Comment


Well I never thought it would happen but my first year with Basingstoke camera club I came away with this.

Honoured to win the print A league.

This was over four rounds with two images each time. There were some fantastic images in the mix from nature to portraits amongst some images presented. The judges are external so no favouritism there then.

The reason for entering was to develop my printing skills which can get lost in a screen digital age. 

Keeping something tangible is more valuable than putting a usb in the draw only to find it is not compatible anymore in the future.

This could be a problem for us if we don't print what is valuable to us to look at over time.


Still the next years competition starts from October time 2020 and look forward to seeing all the work that is entered.


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