Take advantage of lockdown and ask questions says Steve wedding photographer Hampshire

May 12, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

While we are in such a unique unprecedented situation at the moment I feel for everyone.

For bride and grooms to be we have had it so good for so long how can we deal with this lockdown.

So while looking for venders why not email for advice and get a more personal feel for who your talking to. 

Questions that may niggle you and may even seem silly can be of value to you and draw you to some sort of conclusion.

To be honest the stats are showing more visitors to my website and enquires for next year are underway for availability.

This is nice but we are all adapting in our own ways.

One I just booked for the lovely Audley's wood Hotel Hampshire all done over the phone. I even don't think my voice is that great but considering they had a list of over 60 photographers initially I did not do to badly. Now thats not to say I am going to fit in everyones box that would be silly as I have learnt over the years in life and business.

So for yourselves I am hear to help even with other vendors that I trust and have worked with at the same weddings I can always advise.

Whether you chose to use me or then like anybody its up to you but at least your have more knowledge to make some sort of decision right?

For the most part these days we click and click again needing that one second to get your attention with thousands of home spun websites that look very professional.

That being said try looking a little deeper on sites its amazing what you can find out.