SWPP 2020 convention what awesome photography inspiration

March 10, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Well hello and welcome everyone to another awesome convention.  I had the privilege of attending and helping in the print competition again for 2020.

This is something if you are into photography is well worth going to, and watch, sit, listen and learn from the judges who give their free time to this.

The experience you gain from this is invaluable with praise and tips on improving your images is awesome.

Even when the marks have been good enough for the display there is still room to learn.

I also witnessed a print getting 100 full marks which I believe has happened three times now over the ten years or so that this competition has been running.

Seeing the emotion from the photographer shows how much this all means and there were a few getting the merits needed and above where being one of them meant so much to them and me.

Generally being able to mix and talk to other photographers from other fields of experience is always a good thing to listen to them and understanding their take on photography with years of experience being given to newbies and older generations.


I was so proud to achieve three Merit awards for three prints that I entered into the print competition. This is something that I have been wanting to achieve for personal reasons the prints that I entered into the print competition.  I've looked at all the the prints that have gone before and always been very inspirational on wanting simply a rosette if you like just to say reaching that level for those prints.

For some time I thought  this may not be achievable on how to actually get to this level but by going to the convention print judging over the years I've tried taking on board what has been said.

At The convention and actually listening to the judges talk about individual prints in a way that would actually help if you were to be in the situation of a similar sort of shoot yourself would hopefully resinate giving extra tools before you press the shutter.

The judges comments are invaluable and you can take this away taking it on the chin and be respectful of where they are as fellowship photographers being the top in their fields and have earned the right to talk about prints. They're not actually criticising an image actually trying to  Mark  images up as best they can.

 So over the years now  it's not only just about taking the image it's actually about printing  images and bringing them to life in a way that can actually enhance the subject. There's been too many times we just handover digital files basically like a negative that could go in the drawer.

It's actually about printing an image and bringing it to life in a way that can actually enhance the subject. 

The learning process has been a journey and it won't stop and there's always something new in images especially when you're having judges making comments the pluses and minuses which is all very helpful.

You can take this away and process this and put this information into what you are doing. Lots of photographers have made comments stating that when they've actually gone to judging days of the prints they've come away  with so much wealth of information.

So on this awesome convention 2020 till next time.  Thanks Steve