Growing my photography business keep learning and refining in Basingstoke Hampshire

October 26, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Well we are really into this lockdown as such throughout country at different stages.

So pondering over life as you do I felt you can stay still or you can move forward. 


So rather than stagnate I FELT THIS WAY BELOW......

Regarding my business as a wedding photographer like many we have moved clients to next year in 2022.

So the spare time that we  have I  have used constructively and in a positive manner to move my business forward. One of the primary things that I have done is to take some mentoring from some of the top photographers in the industry..

So what this does is actually re-evaluate some of the work I am doing with my clients improvements from the ground up..

As a creative we always look for these values from my peers which I highly recommend if you want to move forward in your craft whatever it be..

This really keeps the buzz going and regenarates vigour ready for my return to weddings.

What I have taken on during some of the free days  from the boss giving me lots of things to do and from DIY which I profess not to be the best at really..Though I do enjoy it with a faint smile.....

All my portrait lights I've been working on and refining some of the techniques used that I did possess but have forgotten from the past and being comfortable when setting up for clients. Thats always a pro thing to do I guess and going back to basics making sure I understand what i am doing as a process.


There is always room for improvement if it's little tweaks even down to some of the gear that we use and get the best out of ..

What are you doing as a reader of this blog.. You don't have to be a photographer you could someone in your own business I'd love to hear from you what have you been doing during this lockdown period or different tiers of lockdown whatever you wanna call it. Yeah just put a message on below or a PM me it would be great to hear from you and get some dialogue going and your ideas and that is great just to bounce ideas off of one hour thank you.

That way I can feature you in future blogs and get some links to your website is the way you run your business is whatever you wanna talk about connecting is reflecting as I call it now so thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you.

Hampshire based as a photographer means I m not far from the countryside with may lovely and varied locations to capture clients at some really gorgeous venues like The Elvetham or Oakley Hall.

Remembering that being a creative is always self objective and for criticism and learning to take this on the chin is a good thing and will make you grow exponentially..


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