Judging photography competition for schools in Andover to go on to regional final in nature theme

March 20, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I was delighted to be asked to help in Andover Hampshire with a few others to judge some images in photography nature categories.


Each student had to enter three images printed for us to view and judge.

It was very exciting to see the styles and development of the young people with such diverse ideas.

There were some individual images that really stood out but we had to look for three that could combine and back up with each other.


The concept was quite open but we felt there were three or four in some cases that were very close on who to choose as the winner at this stage.

I was quite taken in the fact that I would have loved to have taken some of these photos myself as an adult not alone at there youthful age.

I think in this digital  age we can develop quicker as photographers with the freedom to take more images and not worry as in my day of film with 36 on a roll and developing costs as well on top.

This made me hold back some times and not experiment as freely as possibly as you could now.

But in saying that with weddings I shoot less is more these days and not machine gunning in hope of capturing that great image I prefer timing as one of the main components in my head that is to facilitate a good standard.


So all in all it was a good day to have been asked to help judge. It is something not to take lightly as these students have put their heart and souls into this competition. So encouraging  to keep going even if you did not win at this stage does not mean to give up.

First and foremost it is about enjoying photography and this will take you through the test of time as you look back at your images captured through the years.

Part from weddings I have been developing the love with photoshop art.

So combing images to tell my own story is something I really like to do.

So I will be entering a few more creations in my own society and clubs I am with. I have had a few golds and highly commended now which are above the professional standard and are showing degrees in the judges eyes of that little something extra that turns one eyebrow up in acknowledgement.


So being a judge has opened my eyes again and inspired myself to enter more comps why not!

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