Basingstoke Hampshire wedding photographer Registry Office Basingstoke

November 14, 2019  •  1 Comment

One of the oldest and nicest registry offices that I have worked at capturing images of weddings.


It is always nice with the old look outside of the Georgian office that once was a stately home I believe.


The building is known as Goldings and dates back to the 1600 and around 1800 is the building we see to this day.


There are grande pillars out the front which gives plenty of opportunity to take some lovely images and can be used for confetti throwing area and looks great in the background.

There are plenty of large windosgiving a soft light inside when taking images and a lovely staircase.


The building looks like you have paid for one of the elegant manor houses that are in and around Basingstoke.

So what a treat to capture images here as always.

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