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wedding question for photographer information Hampshire Basingstoke

March 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Always nice when I book clients for weddings for feed back.

Latest clients

1.What made you first became interested in seeing me? "we saw you through google search and liked the style of wedding images you had."

2.Fantastic you were on a budget did that influence you? "Yes and no we saw your quote and yes you were the most expensive but again we saw how professional your images looked compared to the less expensive sites we saw.I showed the short list actually to Chris and without saying anything he picked you out as well."

3.Lovely thats nice to hear and take heart from thanks, was there any concerns? "Not really just we have heard some photographers show their Bride and groom the photos from time to time on the day."  Yes that is something I do as reassurance on say your signature romantic shots we take, this shows you where we are going with the images and its nice to have more creative input from the couple themselves.


So booking your wedding photographer can be a minefield, so do some research and feel comfortable with who you hire as they will be there the longest with you all day.


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