SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire | Kevin Wilson swpp location seminar Jan 2015

Kevin Wilson swpp location seminar Jan 2015

January 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


This year I had the pleasure and honour of helping Kevin Wilson  on his Location seminar with swpp in London..

The delegates had a full day at a place called the safe house in London which was fantastic for ideas to blossom with Natural light being the key source and some flash lighting for the non lit rooms.

I mainly helped with holding the reflector throwing light into the subject with the guidance of Kevin.

I would recommend Kevin Wilson for anyone wanting to go to the next level in their photography..





These were all taken on the quiet not to disturb the delegates from the valuable time with training though they were very courteous so I could remember what we were doing, Sorry some are a little blurred but it gives you a idea of what was going on from my phone……

Thanks steve


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