SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire: Blog en-us (C) SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire (SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) Tue, 14 May 2024 23:31:00 GMT Tue, 14 May 2024 23:31:00 GMT SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire: Blog 120 80 Oakley Hall engagement shoot by Steve Chatterton SJC photography I completely agree that creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for the bride and groom on their wedding day is crucial for them to enjoy their special day to the fullest. Still, it also allows for a better connection with their wedding photographer.

As a wedding photographer in Basingstoke Hampshire, it's important to ensure that the couple feels heard and understood throughout the planning process and on their big day. It's all about creating a memorable and stress-free experience for them.


Here are some lovely moments from my clients' engagement shoot at Oakley Hall.

Want to know more and like what you see?

Do you see yourself here then get in touch for your own experience. 

Also available are family shoots to cherish those fun moments together. Please ask below....


Please contact me for further information on this lovely experience.... CLICK HERE NOW


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Having engagement shoot adds more value to your wedding by Steve Chatterton photography It appears that an engagement photo session is an excellent idea!

After proposing and receiving the desired acceptance, I would like to offer a suggestion.

What if, in addition to the photo session, you had a framed image for your guests to sign?

If this idea interests you, please get in touch with me.

We can arrange for the services of a professional photographer myself who will capture your best moments, putting you at ease and making your experience positive in front of the camera.

Choosing a location that holds a special meaning for both of you can make the photos even more memorable and personal.

The location could be your first date spot, a favourite vacation location, or a place that symbolizes an important milestone in your relationship. The possibilities are limitless!

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Wow January wedding photography business where has it gone? 2024 "I can remember January starting just as quickly as it ended! It's been an amazing start to the year as we've received numerous email enquiries for weddings, and so far, we have successfully booked all of them. This is quite an unprecedented achievement as some people are usually just testing the waters at this stage.

Maintaining a positive outlook is always an added advantage, but unfortunately, January blues can be a real struggle for some people. I, too, have struggled with this time of the year in the past, especially after the high of the previous year.

The Society of Photographers recently held a photography convention, where photographers from all over the world, including the USA, Australia, and Europe, came together for education.

The international print competition ran for two days, and I helped as a print handler in the background. Judges offered some insightful comments, and it was a great learning experience. I am thrilled to say that I entered a few images and two of them received merit awards, which is a great honour."

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Why book a professional wedding photographer in Hampshire uk by SJC photography Booking a professional wedding photographer is also an investment.

Your wedding photographs are priceless, and they will be the only tangible memories you have of your special day.


Broadfield Court wedding photographerBroadfield Court wedding photographerD2

A professional wedding photographer will provide you with a range of packages to suit different budgets and preferences, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

They will also provide you with high-quality prints and albums that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Finally, booking a professional wedding photographer is essential because it allows you to relax and enjoy your special day.

Andover wedding photographer ChattertonAndover wedding photographer Chatterton

You don't have to worry about capturing the perfect shot or making sure that everything looks perfect.

A professional wedding photographer will take care of everything, allowing you to enjoy your special day with your loved ones.

In conclusion, we understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and we want to help you capture it beautifully. 


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Wedding photographer Hampshire caring for you the Bride and Groom Reasons I believe for you to feel better and enjoy your day in.


We understand that your wedding day can be stressful, and we do everything we can to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for you.

We are flexible on the day and can accommodate any last-minute changes or requests, taking care of everything so that you can focus on the day itself.

We consider it an honour to be a part of your wedding day, and we promise to treat it with the care and respect it deserves.

 We take our professionalism seriously, and we always strive to deliver a reliable and trustworthy service.


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20 things to get started with your wedding planning by SJC PHOTOGRAPHY Basingstoke D2



1. Set a budget 

2. Create a guest list 

3. Choose a wedding date 

4. Book the ceremony and reception venues 

5. Hire a wedding planner (optional) 

6. Choose the wedding theme and style 

7. Order the wedding dress and accessories 

8. Decide on the wedding party attire 

9. Hire vendors for photography, videography, catering, and entertainment

10. Decide on the wedding menu and drinks 


11. Choose the wedding cake 

12. Select the wedding flowers and decorations 

13. Plan the ceremony details, including music and readings 

14. Create a wedding registry 

15. Send out save-the-dates and wedding invitations 

16. Plan the transportation for the wedding day 

17. Book accommodations for out-of-town guests 

18. Plan the wedding favours 

19. Create a day-of timeline and itinerary 

20. Enjoy the wedding day!

Contact me Register Here for more in-depth reasons for these points and more wedding ideas.




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Why it is important booking a professional photographer Hampshire by SJC photography Your wedding day is a time of immense joy, love, and memories that will last a lifetime. As you plan for this special occasion, one of the most critical decisions you'll make is choosing a wedding photographer. It may be easy to overlook the significance of this decision, but it's important to remember that your wedding photographs will be the only tangible memories you have of your special day. In this article, we'll explore why it's essential to book a professional wedding photographer, and we understand how important this decision is to you.




First and foremost, professional wedding photographers have the experience and expertise needed to capture your special day beautifully. They know how a wedding day works and are familiar with the flow of events. They have the skills to stay calm under pressure, ensuring that they capture every moment, no matter how small. An experienced wedding photographer knows how to anticipate and capture those special moments that happen in a split-second, moments that you might not even notice.

Professional wedding photographers have also invested in high-quality equipment that produces stunning images. They have a range of lenses, lighting equipment, and cameras that allow them to capture your wedding day in the best possible way. They know how to use their equipment to create unique and stunning images that you will cherish for a lifetime. Booking a professional wedding photographer also gives you peace of mind. You don't have to worry about your photographs turning out poorly or not capturing the essence of your special day.



A professional wedding photographer will work closely with you to understand your preferences and create a photography plan that will meet your needs. They will also work with you to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the day, allowing you to enjoy your special day to the fullest.

Another reason to book a professional wedding photographer is their attention to detail. They understand that every wedding is unique and will work with you to capture all the small details that make your wedding day special. From the flowers to the table settings, a professional wedding photographer will capture every detail, ensuring that your photographs are a true reflection of your wedding day. Professional wedding photographers also have the necessary editing skills to create stunning images. They can enhance the colours, adjust the lighting, and remove any imperfections, ensuring that your photographs are perfect. They know how to use editing software to create images that are stunning and timeless, images that you will cherish for a lifetime. Booking a professional wedding photographer is also an investment.

Your wedding photographs are priceless, and they will be the only tangible memories you have of your special day. A professional wedding photographer will provide you with a range of packages to suit different budgets and preferences, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. They will also provide you with high-quality prints and albums that you can cherish for a lifetime. Finally, booking a professional wedding photographer is essential because it allows you to relax and enjoy your special day. You don't have to worry about capturing the perfect shot or making sure that everything looks perfect. A professional wedding photographer will take care of everything, allowing you to enjoy your special day with your loved ones. In conclusion, we understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and we want to help you capture it beautifully. That's why booking a professional wedding photographer is essential.


A professional wedding photographer has the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to create stunning images that you will cherish for a lifetime. They will work closely with you to understand your preferences and create a photography plan that meets your needs. They will also provide you with peace of mind, attention to detail, and high-quality prints and albums. So, if you are planning your wedding, we empathize with you and encourage you to book a professional wedding photographer to capture your special day beautifully.


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Booking a wedding photographer in Basingstoke Hampshire area uk SJC photography  


A few things to consider when booking a professional wedding photographer by Steve Chatterton SJC Photography Basingstoke Hampshire


Booking a wedding photographer can be daunting for many couples who want to ensure they make the right choice. Cost, photo quality, and the photographer’s ability to capture their vision are common concerns. However, there are many compelling reasons to consider hiring a professional photographer. Not only will they capture exquisite photos of your special day, but they’ll also provide exceptional customer service. A skilled photographer will collaborate with you to understand your vision and exceed your expectations. By hiring a professional, you can rest assured that your wedding memories will be preserved for a lifetime.


In addition to the benefits of hiring a professional wedding photographer, it’s important to consider the potential pitfalls of not doing so. Amateur photographers or relying on friends and family to capture special moments may result in missed shots, poor composition, and low-quality images. This can lead to disappointment and regret when looking back on your wedding day. Additionally, not having a professional photographer can create added stress for you or your loved ones who may feel obligated to take photos throughout the day instead of enjoying the celebration. Overall, investing in a professional wedding photographer can provide peace of mind and ensure that your memories are captured in the best possible way.

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Tips for Brides on their wedding day by SJC photography Basingstoke uk To guarantee a well-rested and invigorated wedding day, it's crucial to prioritize a full night's sleep. While it may be tempting to have a get-together with loved ones the night before, it's important to remember that focusing on the wedding can be overwhelming and lead to a lack of sleep, ultimately causing exhaustion on the big day.

To reduce stress levels, it's helpful to set a calm tone for the day.

Consider getting ready in a neutral environment with only the bridesmaids present.

Taking a relaxing bath before the makeup artist arrives can also contribute to relaxation and prevent any unwanted tension.

It's essential to stay hydrated throughout the day, even if you don't feel like eating. Protein bars can provide a boost, especially if the wedding breakfast is later in the day.

Having trusted individuals to delegate tasks to can be incredibly useful and reduce some of the workloads.

Just ensure that you don't overwhelm yourself with too many helpers.

Consider wearing your hair up for a practical and photogenic option, especially on windy days. However, if you prefer your hair down, that's perfectly acceptable too. Ultimately, it's important to do whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident on your special day. D2

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Ideas and tips for Grooms speech by wedding photographer Steve Chatterton Basingstoke  


As the groom, you may be wondering about the ideal length of your speech. While some may tend to go on and on, it's best to keep it concise - around 10 minutes or less. Remember, less is more.

If public speaking isn't your forte, consider using props or a slideshow to keep your audience engaged. This will also help emphasize your punch lines.

Instead of reading from a scripted speech, opt for bullet points. This will allow you to speak from the heart and connect with your audience.

Avoid drinking too much beforehand, as it may negatively impact your delivery.

You only have one shot at this, and it's important to make a lasting impression on your guests.

Consider having the speeches before the meal, as this will allow everyone to relax and fully enjoy the evening. However, the choice is ultimately yours.

If possible, consider giving your speech after the father of the bride. Additionally, you could consider incorporating a fun anecdote or two, such as a grandfather's tip for a happy marriage.

As the groom, it is absolutely crucial that you express gratitude towards the Father of the Bride for his moving speech and for being the first to buy a round of drinks.

Be sure to give a shoutout to all of the guests for attending the wedding, and for being an integral part of your special day. And of course, don't forget to thank both sets of parents for raising such incredible children.

Prior to the Best Man's speech, don't hesitate to throw in some jokes to lighten the mood.

Additionally, make sure to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Bridal Party and anyone else who played a role in making this day possible.

A thoughtful gesture would be to present the mothers with flowers and thank them for their unwavering support.

When it comes to your own speech, concentrate on what makes your partner so extraordinary to you. Share some endearing stories about how the two of you have helped each other grow, and all of the joyous moments you've shared together. Recall the first time you met and all of the hilarious memories you've made with friends and family.

Finally, discuss your future together and all of the exciting plans you have in store. Speak from the heart and allow your love and appreciation for your partner to shine through in your words.

Congratulations, you've got this!

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Winchester Registry Office photography stylish classic and modern in Hampshire  

Modern Black and white photography adds that mystery and charm to the colourful world we live in these days.


Wedding photographer Winchester Registry Office offers a wonderful place to get married which is full of history there.



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wedding photographer Hereford Broadfield Court Imagine exchanging vows in a picturesque garden surrounded by vibrant flowers and lush greenery, with the sun setting in the distance.

Or perhaps a cosy, intimate ceremony in a rustic barn adorned with twinkling lights and charming decor.

Whatever your dream wedding may be, let Broadfield Court and SJC Photography help bring it to life.

With their impeccable attention to detail and dedication to creating magical moments, your special day will be one to remember for a lifetime.


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Basingstoke Registry office wedding by SJC photography Steve Chatterton  

Basingstoke registry office wedding photographer SJC photography Steve Chatterton.


He had a lovely time capturing this intimate ceremony in this humble town.


This is one of the best Registry offices with the history that dates back centuries.


Having fun and capturing little moments is something Steve likes to do. After the initial consultation as to what was required he sets about his work in a professional manor.

The meal was at Bartons Mill Old Basing so it gave different opportunities for images.


Here are a few from the time spent with his wedding clients.




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Client positive wedding photography feedback by SJC photography Basingstoke  

It is always good to look back at positives from lovely wedding clients you have had.

This is important for business people mainly working for yourself. Helping clients to have great products and services.

So if like anyone you can have up and some down days, but staying professional for your market is important as clients love a good person vibe which intern helps them feel better with their life.



Here are a few wedding client words that cheered me up.

We can’t thank Steve enough.

From the moment you meet him he puts you at ease. Nothing is too much trouble for him. 

The photos he took of our wedding are absolutely stunning.

He captured our day so perfectly and the mood of the day. So many happy memories. 

Thank you Steve.  D2 D2 D2


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Audleys Wood Hotel wedding photography black and white timeless images Bridal preparations are the beginning of a magical journey, where the bride-to-be transforms into a queen ready to walk down the aisle. From the anticipation and excitement in the air to the intricate details of the wedding dress, every moment is a photographer's dream.

As a photographer, capturing these moments is more than just taking pictures. It's about documenting the emotions, the romance, and the essence of the day. The bride's glowing smile, the bridesmaids' laughter, the intricate details of the wedding gown, and the beautiful makeup and hair are all part of the story that unfolds before the wedding ceremony.

The preparation room is filled with energy, excitement, and love as the bride and her bridesmaids get ready for the big day. Every moment is a treasure trove of memories that the photographer captures with their lens. From the tender moments of the bride and her mother to the playful banter between the bridesmaids, every emotion is documented with reverence and care.

As the bride slips into her wedding gown and puts on the final touches of her makeup and hair, the photographer captures the stunning transformation. The magic of the moment is captured forever in the timeless black-and-white images that tell the story of the bride's journey to the altar.

In short, bridal preparations are the beginning of a magical journey, and as a photographer, capturing these moments is an honour and a privilege. It's an opportunity to tell a beautiful love story through the lens and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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Before and after special wedding photography edits Hampshire Basingstoke photographer Wedding photographer Steve Chatterton looks at and explains his edit ideas.

Here are a couple of images giving the wedding client something extra and unique for their own desires.


Making wedding clients have something special from their big day to cherish.


So showing before and after to give the impact of knowing we can take the original into fantasy romance.


These are for clients that want to have an image on their living room wall.


Let me know if this is appealing to you in the comments.


#weddingphotographerbasingstoke #weddings2023 #weddinginspiration #weddingphotography #weddingphotographerhampshire




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The Elvetham Hotel wedding by Steve Chatterton photographer  


The Elvetham wedding venue hotel

Wedding photographer in Basingstoke looks at this venue he loves capturing wedding moments

Click here for your requirements and contact us.

The hotel has an expansive gardens in which to ponder and enjoy on your wedding day. so many areas to explore and take advantage of for fun portraits.


The Elvetham is a glorious backdrop to take into consideration as a backdrop for natural wedding images.


Looking happy and jolly is not a contrived position I put my clients in. It just comes naturally when they are nice and relaxed with myself.


Reading through the history of this building it has lots of wonderful history that you can see through the architecture  of the building including Elizabethan, Tudor amongst some of the times.

#weddingphotographerbasingstoke #weddings2023 #weddinginspiration #weddingphotography #weddingphotographerhampshire

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How much should I pay for a wedding photographer Basingstoke Hampshire Is the wedding photography important to you to look back on? Maybe one of the points to look for apart from really getting on with that person who will be around you all day is having plenty of experience.

 And with experience not only will you have a great photographer but in dealing with guests, getting along and arranging group shots.

Select a photographer also that has a  editing style that suits your needs.

The photographer should have  experience that can read situations and act quickly and keep everyone at ease while doing this for instance.

If it started to pour down with rain where would you be taking the photographs then? This is some of the things that  your photographer can put your mind at rest and be capable of taking photos in some of the more difficult conditions. I do like shooting in different conditions and rain can add dramatic images with back lit rain drops for instance.

The Elvetham wedding photographerThe Elvetham wedding

So budget wise what do you pay for a photographer? Well obviously you're paying for the day but also you can be paying for that knowledge and experience over the years that they have developed to bring together a package that would suit you.

Generally I would say to have around 10% of what you're paying on your complete wedding.

£1000 to £1500 for a full day and the rates can vary from this getting images of your wedding.

This should get you someone with experience and usb with images on. Quantity of images does vary though I normally give 600 plus for full day.


£1500-£2000 you could be getting an album or wedding shoe pre-wedding shoe included this does vary on location from urban to city pricing.


£2000 upwards you could be getting all of the above and has vast experience and has unique styles for those grand weddings.

wedding Highfield Park photographer Basingstoke Hampshirewedding Highfield Park photographer Basingstoke Hampshire

#weddingphotographerbasingstoke #weddings2023 #weddinginspiration #weddingphotography #weddingphotographerhampshire

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Lythe Hill Hotel wedding photography Steve Chatterton Basingstoke photographer Lythe Hill Hotel by Hampshire wedding photographer Basingstoke Steve Chatterton.


Lythe Hill hotel set near Liphook in Hampshire has a real country feel to the venue leading down to the lakes with the Fountain this wedding was idyllic.

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The couple were very happy on the day. They got married a couple of days before in Winchester registry office but decided to do all their vowels on the Saturday at the Lythe Hotel.


This  set up the day for them and made them at ease throughout  without so much pressure from a complete wedding.


The weather was extremely good for this time of year. I do like October it does set about in this climate a lovely light throughout the day. We were able to use and utilise the light for the group shots that were asked for too.


I set about afterwards a few shots of the couple would you like to do just relax them a little bit just before they go back to the wedding reception. As we don't always have the time to be wandering around all the venue and they like to be with friends and family as much as possible so I never like to take people away for more than what is necessary. Unless you want to capture some unique images of both of you.


With around ten to twenty  minutes depending on the couple and what sort of things we discussed in the pre-meetings we will create some nice relaxed photos.


I'll be  following the time schedule in more blocks of different parts of the wedding and the way in which I partake in your wedding day.

Here are the Grooms men, so making them relax and do there thing helps keep things light and natural.

Enjoy the photos and please comment below if you're photographer how you go about these things if any of this resonates with you and you like to book me please contact as soon as thank you very much.

#weddingphotographerbasingstoke #weddings2023 #weddinginspiration #weddingphotography #weddingphotographerhampshire



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Andover wedding photography by Steve Chatterton at St Mary's Church  

Well what a wonderful wedding at Saint Mary's Andover as a photographer for such a lovely Bride and Groom and the privilege of shooting it for them.

A full September wedding in the weather was extremely nice being sunny and a little few clouds.


Set in the middle of Andover this church is such a lovely prestige monument to the town. Its grandeur is something else as you step up to it from the side street at the steep angle of steps leading up to the lovely lines of the towers.


Inside it opens up looking like one of those Cathedrals you seeing London or Winchester, it as an air of beauty about it.


Here are a few pictures from outside and inside the church to be getting on with some of them of which I took in the shade and some I used the Sun as a back light given a lovely atmosphere to my images and my style thank you for looking and please comment below your thoughts thank you.


Click here for your requirements and contact us.

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Pet portraits are fun these kittens were delightful fun basingstoke Hampshire  

Pet photographer in Basingstoke by SJC photography.

I was asked to capture these kittens for a small business that breed them.

I set about with a open mind and came up with a few ideas that might help.

Basically finding that the kittens were like children.

They were very inquisitive creatures finding that they liked nestling into my camera bag.

The owner helped keeping there attention and after the session the kittens were quite sleepy which was a good time to capture them to.

#petphotography #petportraits 





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Wedding tips for the Elvetham Hotel by Basingstoke photographer Steve Chatterton The Elvetham Hotel is run by lovely professionals that care about you which i have seen time and again when I have photographed weddings there.


Take this example the co-ordinator will converse with myself on timings for images and are quite accommodating when it comes to that special time in the day for some gorgeous natural portraits. These images sit nicely in with the back grounds of the Hotel that date backs centuries giving you such a British feel of authenticity.


Lets just say i love this place. You can come here time and again and get  a sense that there is something new to explore every time.

From winter weddings to summer weddings they all give you a different flavour to wet your appetite.


Indoors you are spoilt for choice from the grande entrance you know you are walking into history. Through to the centre staircase that spirals  D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 with the natural light pouring in to illuminate with spots of lighting.


(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke details photography photos"hampshire" "wedding photographer near me" The Elveltham Hotel wedding photographer wedding Tue, 11 Oct 2022 11:27:28 GMT
Portsmouth registry office weddings by steve Chatterton SJC photography Hampshire Portsmouth registry office weddings by steve Chatterton SJC photography Hampshire.

I was happy surprised how wonderful Portsmouth registry office was. More so than reading and looking on line.. the opulent building has a lovely garden to capture those images for clients to cherish especially if where you are going afterwards doesn't have this.

Inside the stairs give a grande opening to give a expanse and visual nice look up to the ceremony rooms for weddings.

D2 D2 D2 D2


(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) Basingstoke details hants natural"sic photography photos"hampshire" registry office romance wedding Fri, 26 Aug 2022 14:48:11 GMT
Audleys Wood Hotel wedding day by Steve Chatterton photographer Audley's Wood Hotel by Basingstoke Hampshire wedding photographer SJC photography Steve Chatterton.

The grande entrance opens out to a beautiful building with its red bricks shouting out at you with lovely architecture.

Photography wise we have plenty of options around the ground front and back.


Within the Hotel there are some great options for portraits to in hence looks you may be looking for.

Leaving the couple shots mainly for that golden hour , we have fun and make the bride and groom at ease. By then they normally are calm and relaxed  as the ceremony emotions would have diminished and a warmth of love between them would come across more natural with their chemistry.

Getting bride and grooms to do things in a natural state is easier than people think so staying calm and gently directing them round the grounds for those special moments to capture and cherish are lovely and great fun to work around. No one wants to look bad in their images so why leave it to chance.

Get in contact NOW CONTACT ME

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Top tips for Brides by Basingstoke wedding photographer 10 tips for the bride from my personal experiences over the years as a wedding photographer Basingstoke Hampshire 

Take the bits you want to use and make notes.


 Have fun and enjoy.

Most brides tell me where has the time gone on the day.

All that time planning feels like your life revolves around the wedding so take the day in. So stand back a pause where you can.

2. Take time out to relax.

How ever you like to do this before the big day, just to get your thoughts together.

3. Never feel guilty, it's your day enjoy! Relax with friends and family enjoy the compliments.

4. Watch those last minute sun burns. Strap lines especially when you have a strapless dress on the day. Not always great in those epic photos to look back on so just be aware.

5. Look for help with loved ones you can trust.

Speak to your partner it is not always the ones you think to start with.


6. Lay your budget out and be relistic about your money situation. Rather than presents if there is something specific you want why not ask for vouchers.

7. Enjoy your hen do. 

 But do not make it to near the wedding day give your friends something and you to look forward to on the big day and recover in time....

8. Take your closest friends loved ones along to  choose the dress. Look at other similar figured ladies to yourself and see if any of the dresses suit you to start with.

9. Always remember it is your day and enjoy take it all in. Take your time don't feel guilty about talking to everyone it can be over whelming so take time out.


10. Lastly have something planned to fill the void after the wedding. You can feel a bit lost if you spent lots of time planning your wedding. So lots of couples have more time on their hands than they know what to do with.


Want more tips and questions answered contact me here now for exclusive information. 

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Experience counts by wedding photographer Steve Chatterton Basingstoke hampshire Well I don't often say this but I feel from the wedding clients I have had the pleasure of working for tell me afterwards...


One of the main reasons of booking is the level of experience I have to bring to them. Not so much the levels of photography but the reassurance of on the day we have it covered no matter what  may occur in some shape or form.

From weather to  delays I have seen most things and never get flustered on your big days occasions.

The attention to your wedding and not me spouting on about what I am which quite frankly some of my clients have mentioned. I am not saying this is wrong but these are the type of feedbacks I have had to the ones I jell with. To some people this might not matter but to the ones that book me it does immensely.

Just sitting in as though one of the family members and making people feel at ease throughout the day." quote from one bride amongst many.


Being a people person and meeting congregations is such a unique privilege and one that I cherish.

Seeing everyone having that time together with other loved ones which we don't get the time to do in this fast paced life we live very often is wonderful. 

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SWPP convention print handling experience for print competition by Steve Chatterton SWPP – Print-handlers article:

Societies’ 20 x 16 Print Competition – the inside story!


About the author:

Stephen Chatterton, LSWPP, is a professional photographer based in Basingstoke, in the county of Hampshire, in south central England. Steve is principally a wedding, families and portrait photographer. He also loves creating surreal, Dali-esque photographs for personal interest and has had several successful print entries exhibited at the annual Societies Photography Convention. Steve is also a print-handler of many years’ experience and was a key member of this year’s finalists support team.

SWPP, uniquely, has sought to be inclusive of both professionals and enthusiasts and this applies to all benefits including competitions, with many judges, print-handlers and keen amateurs entering the online, digital monthly competition and the much-coveted 20 x 16 print competition, judged annually.


The print-handling process 

Entries are made through the Societies’ website into the chosen category and in some cases, subcategory; for example, there are four wedding and eight portrait subcategories. Terrie Jones, the director with overall responsibility for competitions has her work cut out as entries are in their thousands. Entrants also submit electronic files and a numbering system is used to match them to prints. The electronic file is also used to project the image for public viewing during judging. The prints are categorised and boxed in readiness for transporting to the convention in London. Three rooms are allocated for the two-days of judging with five judges in each room together with an additional judge who chairs proceedings. There are three print-handlers in each room to announce the print title, display on a viewing booth, remove after judging and writing the mark awarded on the back of each print. Prints are then separated into over-80s score (all of which are subsequently exhibited) and top five finalists. The chairperson has a laptop computer on which the current entry and the one following are displayed. It is important to alert the chairperson well in advance if a judge’s print is upcoming so that judge can temporarily be removed from the process; it is often the chairperson that needs to be rotated so, effective communications is an important role of the print-handler! In subsequent rounds, usually on the second day, category winners and overall winners (1st three-places) are chosen, often with passionate advocating by judges for their preferred print in order to persuade other judges to agree with and vote for their selection. At the end of the second day, only the print-handlers and judges are aware of results and of course, nothing is discussed before being announced at the Awards Ceremony making sure the ‘surprise’ element at the Awards dinner is not compromised. The whole process from judging to marking, sorting and hanging takes time; this year the print-handling team did not finish till 8pm! As mentioned, prints scoring 80 and above are hung for display in a section within the trade show with a rosette attached for merit and outstanding prints. This area is hugely popular with visitors and as they only see the prints on display in the trade show, they are seeing the best of the best!


Treating print submissions with respect

Respect for the author’s work is central to all print-handling activities. Diane Broders heads the print-handling team and admits to being “a bit OCD” during unpacking and sorting as she appreciates what has gone into preparing a print for submission. Indeed, all print-handlers use white cotton gloves to handle prints ensuring each author has their work presented in the best possible way. Orientation of prints is sometimes unclear, especially for abstract subject-matter and authors are asked to attach a label bearing the work’s name (if they wish to name the submission) and an arrow indicating which way up they would like their print displayed. Sometimes, a judge may ask for what appears to be a speck to be removed from a print which print-handlers will do as no one else (not even judges) may touch the prints. In short, damage-avoidance precautions are taken throughout the process and even then, in the very rare instance inadvertent damage is caused, there is a policy to report this to the coordinator who will inform the author immediately. Happily, I do not recall a single incident of this nature. 



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Basingstoke wedding photographer tells us what he likes about booking new clients. Being a people person as a wedding photographer in Basingstoke Hampshire can be the most fulfilling job and very rewarding for the soul.


The responsibility is huge with Bride and Grooms memories being captured and never again repeated for them.


It is always nice looking forward with enquiries coming through for weddings for 2022 and 2023.


That tells me that there is a future and people are looking to a higher plain for good quality wedding photography.


I always get excited when enquiries come in. It is not just the business which benefits from this, I like the fact of learning about potential new clients coming through asking about my services.


Discussing things that are important to them and what motivates them, hobbies, interests and loved ones.


Where they are getting married, is it a grand affair , or is it what they dream about being a fairy tale day.


What is important to them too, so finding out what you would like on the wedding tells me lots as well.


This was a lovely couple in the height of the days sunshine walking them across the park for some  tree cover from the Basingstoke registry office.


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Wedding photography at Gray Manor Hotel Such a family run place Gray Manor Hotel making it very cozy and the rooms are set out nicely for weddings at this venue.


The couple I captured were very chilled and enjoyed their special day in a relaxed way.







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Headshots for professionals Welcome to my brand headshot blog for Basingstoke Hampshire companies.

Having a brand image for your business profile picture is very important.

Giving the right first impression you want with the right look.

I like to take clients through a simple process that puts them at ease.

Check my availability for your requirements 


Headshot Basingstoke SJC photographyHeadshot Basingstoke SJC photographyD2 Headshot Basingstoke SJC photographyHeadshot Basingstoke SJC photographyD2 Headshot Basingstoke SJC photographyHeadshot Basingstoke SJC photography Headshot Basingstoke SJC photographyHeadshot Basingstoke SJC photographyD2 Headshot Basingstoke SJC photographyHeadshot Basingstoke SJC photography Headshot Basingstoke SJC photographyHeadshot Basingstoke SJC photographyD2

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Wokefield Park wedding photography by Steve Chatterton photographer The beautiful Wokefield Park Mansion House wedding venue north of Basingstoke and south of Reading.

Based 20 minutes away made this a nice journey to the venue and a warm sunny day in October.

Once the heavy mist fell away the sun was bright and glowing.


Working alongside other photographers from time to time throughout the year can be great fun.

You work from different perspectives creating something more unique to give to your clients if desired.

Following the lead of the main photography I was able to make a few moments from the are out the back of the mansion with  its nice rolling lawns.

Here are a few images taken by Steve Chatterton LSWPP 

D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2



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Gaining a Licentiate in wedding photography by Basingstoke SJC photographer Chatterton Over the last year I have been working on a Licentiate qualification within SWPP The societies of photographers.

Being based in Hampshire as a wedding photographer in Basingstoke most of the images were within a radius of 100 miles.

Finally entered 20 images and waited for a few weeks. 


I then had a personal call from Terry Jones from the SWPP The societies of photographers
to tell me I had images that gave me a pass.

There were five judges who look through your work also giving individual feedback.

I had a one to one with Kevin Wilson to put me on the right path well recommended.

He opens your eyes to so many things and how to recognise  weaknesses and strengths within ones work.

Here are the 20 images that gave me a pass.....


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Wokefield Park weddings at the mansion near Reading Wokefield park wedding images in black and white by Basingstoke photographer Steve Chatterton Ambassador of Society of photographers SWPP.


Sometimes it is nice to get back to the purities of black and white wedding images.

These images were People engaging with other guests or just chilling.

Seeing that character that we all have is unique to ourselves which I find  fascinating.

Enjoy these images and comment on your thoughts is appreciated.

D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2




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Salisbury registry office wedding venue by Steve Chatterton photographer Hampshire based wedding photographer Steve Chatterton from Basingstoke was taking wedding images at Salisbury Registry Office one fine afternoon.

On arrival I headed from a near by car park to the venue which was a couple of minutes walk.

There are two or three car parks near by if you need to use these for wedding guests which is very handy.

Salisbury Registry Office is such a lovely venue with spacious drive to park outside the front and a lovely grande entrance to a large hallway.

The rooms are tall with high ceilings giving that feeling you are in a older building rather than something that has no character.

This certainly does with large pillars to give you the feeling that you are in a manor house from centuries ago.

The large windows let in plenty of light too.
D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2


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Silchester Farm Hampshire wedding venue by Steve Chatterton SJC photography Basingstoke Having the pleasure of capturing this lovely wedding at the Silchester Farm venue I really loved this new location.


It was well set out in a rural location in Hampshire north of Basingstoke in the pretty countryside. 


There are spacious grounds for great locations to be part of the wedding but also having your own space without feeling on top of one another.


There were plenty of areas for images to create stunning images too.

This gave us loads of locations if you wanted variety and made for a relaxing venue to be at.


Lauren and Ross had such lovely bubbly personalities it was hard not to catch them not smiling thought the day.




Silchester Farm wedding photographySilchester Farm wedding silchester Farm wedding photographysilchester Farm wedding photographyD2 silchester Farsilchester Farm wedding photographym wedding photographysilchester Farsilchester Farm wedding photographym wedding
silchester Farm wedding photographysilchester Farm wedding photographyD2

silchester Farm wedding photographysilchester Farm wedding photographyD2



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Weddings in Hampshire in July by Steve Chatterton photographer coming out of Lockdown We have had sad times over the past year and  in many ways there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Not only the dodging of the pandemic if you are lucky but all the new rules set upon us to live by.


So being a wedding photographer this meant lots of different thought processes.

The way I interact with new clients and old using more and more online facilities  like Skype, FaceTime and what ever else, even morse code maybe? Well thats going back a bit look it up.

It turns my attention to the way my wedding clients are interacting with elbows and kicking one anothers shines is the new contactless way I have seen families and friends saying hello . Even the nod and raise of eyebrows which most of us do anyway.


At weddings the energy seems different and heightened by not having that human contact through isolation over this long period.

There is that extra feeling of happiness when seeing loved ones after such a long time.

Maybe this is a lesson to not take things for granted.

Time goes quickly as we get told by people all the time.

 I might add its a good thing to reflect on life and what really is important to us being happy where possible.


Good luck with your weddings and life.

Test Valley wedding photographerTest Valley wedding Silchester Farm wedding photographySilchester Farm wedding



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Wedding photography Warwickshire by Hampshire photographer Well it was a bright sunny day for one of my two hour drive weddings North of where I live.

It was nice to get out and take this wedding being one of the first I hasten to add this year. Caused by the pandemic that has swept  across the globe and disrupted our lives in many ways.

Arriving nice and early and getting a feel for the area taking in the nice countryside where the wedding was taking place in Napton.

Here a a few from the day. The Elvetham wedding photographerThe Elvetham wedding photographerD2
D2 D2



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engagement portrait fun with clients by Hampshire wedding photographer Steve Chatterton D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2

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Engagement shoot Hampshire pre wedding portraits by Steve Chatterton photography Having been stuck behind a virtual world this past year it was so refreshing to get out and spread my wings again with clients.

This gorgeous pair were lovely shy and not sure what to expect. Who likes having their picture taken I guess most of us really when truth be told.

So thats part of my job to break that belief and communicate while taking these images for them to feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera.


This was a beautiful little spot at Long Parish Hampshire next to the river Test which was so tranquil to capture their intimacy.


D2 D2 D2 D2 D2

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Things I love about ideal clients in weddings by photographer Basingstoke Hampshire These are the types of clients that I attract, and there is nothing more satisfying than building a good relationship with them. 

You are easy-going and not pushy, yet professional with a good sense of humour. You prefer quality over budget but still appreciate a fair price. You enjoy spending your free time going out and having fun, as well as spending time with your loved ones. You are content with your life and not materialistic regarding possessions. Moreover, you always prioritise others' needs over your own, which is a lovely trait to have.

I absolutely love working with clients like this! If you find yourself relating to the traits mentioned above, then I would be thrilled to work with you. My goal is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with my services, and that we can build a good relationship. So, if you're looking for a photographer who understands your needs and shares your values, then please don't hesitate to book me!


Future Bride and Grooms want to know  tips for weddings please ask to join for free advice click here thank you



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Groom speech a few tips by Basingstoke wedding photographer Hampshire  

Grooms speech 

How long should the speech be? Well  I would say no more than 10mins less is more. 

If your not a good speaker use props and slideshow if possible to help keep the attention and will give punch lines more clout.

Use bullet points rather than complete script it will come from the heart better.

If your nervous don’t drink to much beforehand you get one chance with this your guests will just talk about how tipsy you were rather than the content of the speech .

A good thing to do is have the speeches before the meal that way you can all relax properly but it is  entirely up to you.

Grooms speech can go after the Farther of the bride where possible.

I have seen a false tattoo on a grooms arm with yes dear written on it that was his grandads tip for a happy marriage 

Topics to talk about

Toasting thanks to Farther of the bride for there speech and first round on them lol

Thank the guests for coming

parents each side his for doing a wonderful job ha ha

Best man before he gives his speech..make joke if you want….

Helpers Bridal party  

Hand mothers flowers….Thanking them always good to get off to a good side

Finally his partner how beautiful she is….


Content of speech

Think about qualities your partner has….

How you adjusted to life together…How much better you are with her…

How you first new each other.

Funny moments together holidays friends together.

Talk about the future together plans….

Practising your speech is good so it flows better especially with banter from guests you may get.. Stay on track again with bullet points slow down pause where needed. 

Sip water.

And just have fun with it don’t over think it good luck.


It would be great with your feedback or ideas you have had of your own in the comments I would love to hear from you....


Like to have more tips contact me click Here



click here to enquire

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Feedback is always nice to know I am fulfilling memories for weddings Hampshire Always nice to have great feedback from wedding clients Hampshire Basingstoke

We were so taken by the sample photos on Steve's website that we had to arrange to meet him. Steve really took the time to understand what it was that we liked about his photos and even did a few demo shots before the big day. On the day, Steve made us feel at ease and seamlessly captured the shots that we wanted. The day wouldn’t have been the same without him and needles to say we are delighted with the photos.


For more details on availability for summer 2022-2023 weddings contact here



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Horse and rider equine image by Steve Chatterton Hampshire Basingstoke photographer Over recent times it is really nice and such fun to capture equine images for the pleasure of clients.

Being based in Hampshire as a portrait wedding photographer Basingstoke does not stop me travelling round the country to work with clients.

We all have to make a living right? Well that being said it makes me keep on my toes for those creative looks that can stand out and enlighten the subject for your enjoyment.

If you like this idea and would like to go on my VIP list which entitles you to pre public offers click here to register not to miss 

Equine horse and rider Blackpoolequine riding in sunset Blackpool

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Old photo black and white retouching by Basingstoke wedding photographer From time to time we visit old album you know the physical type that are great grandparents get up and show us the family history.

This always fascinates me when I look back through a very small amount of images that we have compared to what we take and cover now.

That is why I like to help get some damgaed ones and restore them for the fire generations to keep and cherish.

I was aked to remove one of the ladies so I did and cleaned up what I could for them. They were chuffed with the result on the right.

If you like this idea and would like to go on my VIP list which entitles you to pre public offers click here to register not to miss

Contact for info

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wedding promotion for Valentines engagements by Basingstoke photographer Hi hope you had a lovely lockdown Valentines day.

I spent it with my wife chilling for the day watching movies and such.

Was it any different to any other day at the moment was the romance still there? Yes I believe so, I am not naturally a romantic type my wife would vouch for that!

So Valentines day is what you make of it and giving a little recognition to one another can be enough sometimes but we are all different.

If your new to all this romance stuff it can be quite exciting especially if you are thinking of proposing.

So if the answer was a resounding yes then say hi and tell me about it for a new blog I want to do....

In turn all you have to do is say hi to hold onto the promotion even if you don't book a wedding photographer this week.

Still looking for dates, venues and such no worries I can help advise like a wedding planner might do.

Happy futures 


Basingstoke wedding photographer   contact If you like this idea and would like to go on my VIP list which entitles you to pre public offers click here to register not to miss

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Giving back by Steve Chatterton Basingstoke Hampshire photographer Well during this different times as a Basingstoke wedding photographer
we find ourselves, it is always nice to get a email asking for ones time to help out.

I received this email the beginning of the year asking about judging some school photos from Andover Hampshire.

With social distance being the case we decided I would judge on line.

This is something I have done for a few years now and am proud to view the younger generations on how they see the world.

It took me back to when I first started out with a film camera in those days rather than digital.

The tools we use are not the excuse only that I could not take that many photos compared to now with expense of film. I would say it is more to do with ones eye on the world how you perceive it and looking at the images not that much has changed or has it?

The students images were of a high standard and would stand on there own in our own camera club. 

I was privileged to look through these images I felt the standard was higher than previous years with consistency. 

I think some of this has to do with time students having had  time from school  being different.

The thought processes seemed in tune with their surroundings out doors with composition  being one of the factors and lighting considered.

This to me showed a factor of care in what they were doing and their environment so well done to them all.

All the students had carefully chosen three images in a set for me to look at.

They did so well with how they themed them together creating stories for us.


Lets hope this continues forward and best of luck to all of the winners going through to compete against other schools.



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wedding photography in Basingstoke tips, and heart to heart in Hampshire Giving my 110% as a Basingstoke Hampshire wedding photographer
to this industry as always been the upmost importance to oversee that wedding clients go away from me very happy with what I have captured for them on their wedding day around Hampshire.

This job is more than turning up on the day of your wedding it is about connection and passion that unfolds before me, to seek those images that tell your day.

If this was not possible then I would not be doing this and I would get a regular job that I could just clock in and out of.

So if the moment that feeling of want disappears then well you would not know as I wouldn't be doing weddings by then.

The energy they take is immense to. So you are thinking its easy think again please. Not that I don't want new people to take it up but just to make sure its the right job for you as there is great responsibility.

I would as a tip for newly engaged couples to find a photographer who you feel at ease with.

Myself being the chilled type of person that doesn't panic at weddings. The flow of the day is very important not to disrupt from my point of view . It is fantastic to watch and capture those little moments that can unfold before you. Every personality is different so images should say who they are too.

Please contact for details to enquire

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2020-2021 on going wedding photography Business in Hampshire uk Happy New Year everyone  let's hope we can all get to back to some normality in 2021.


Well without further ado what can I say  2020 for us all has been  a write-off really glad to see the end of it for many reasons.

I am as a normal business and individual trying to get by and like a lot of people in my situation it's been very tough and if you come out the other end on the 2021 with a little bit of that business left. Adapting is key I AM TOLD.


So what has been going on with our little lives and mine in particular 2020 was going over a lot of my work and re-formulating plans. As I am small business and going forward with this pandemic at hand.

Special prize offer photography shoot
With all those engagements over the festive season get in touch for a chance to have a free photography shoot.

As soon as we are aloud to do so I will be announcing the lucky five couples to have some fun creating the images.

Get in touch on the contact page stating free engagement shoot first five out the hat get it so do not delay.

D2 D2

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Headshot portraits Branding by Hampshire photographer Basingstoke  

When you run your own business as a  Hampshire portrait photographer
and spend on your promotions its important to look professional for prospective clients.

So giving the right look that portrays what you are from the heart is important.

We all go by first impressions.

Think of the times you go by a picture in a menu in a restaurant. We can't help it but we are drawn to these things with our eyes. When you look at websites you are drawn by images that look inviting, this is the first point of call decisions are made from....

Its good to have someone else's  perspective to lift and grow your look for clients in the first instance.

Having that unique look to your own branding is important it enhances your perspective outlook and draws more people to look further into say your website.

One of things I like to do is to talk to yourselves first about what you do and the type of image you want to portray to your prospective clients. So we go through your business and the direction targets your aiming for and build from there.

Having fresh style images of your company can really lift your business so I have prices for these too to give comprehensive coverage.

What do you think prospective clients will look at when they first see a bad image of yourself? You want to come across as a professional from the first impression.


To enquire Contact page



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Creating new images with Photoshop by Steve Chatterton in Hampshire Hello it has been different this year with more time to decorate so at least thats mostly done now.


While in Lockdown It gave me time to Study photo shop a little bit more with some of the creative stuff that I have been doing.

You can never tell what you can  come up with from Studying photoshop a little bit more with some of the creative stuff that I have been doing. 

I never have a briefing in mind  to start with and it's just something that actually inspired me at the time to put an image together. So sometimes it can be the background first other times it can be the foreground with animals, plants, cars anything mechanical even humans.


 I like dramatic skies too a lot as the background . I do have a library which I've been collecting and that is something that you can do as well and collect some different types of clouds skylines from grey to a raging massive sunset or sunrise .

This below has a  Armageddon storyline style that I created.

Well I felt it had some feeling of destruction and waste behind it.

You have to find what motivates you as there is so much you can  create.

It's up to you.



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Growing my photography business keep learning and refining in Basingstoke Hampshire Well we are really into this lockdown as such throughout country at different stages.

So pondering over life as you do I felt you can stay still or you can move forward. 


So rather than stagnate I FELT THIS WAY BELOW......

Regarding my business as a wedding photographer like many we have moved clients to next year in 2022.

So the spare time that we  have I  have used constructively and in a positive manner to move my business forward. One of the primary things that I have done is to take some mentoring from some of the top photographers in the industry..

So what this does is actually re-evaluate some of the work I am doing with my clients improvements from the ground up..

As a creative we always look for these values from my peers which I highly recommend if you want to move forward in your craft whatever it be..

This really keeps the buzz going and regenarates vigour ready for my return to weddings.

What I have taken on during some of the free days  from the boss giving me lots of things to do and from DIY which I profess not to be the best at really..Though I do enjoy it with a faint smile.....

All my portrait lights I've been working on and refining some of the techniques used that I did possess but have forgotten from the past and being comfortable when setting up for clients. Thats always a pro thing to do I guess and going back to basics making sure I understand what i am doing as a process.


There is always room for improvement if it's little tweaks even down to some of the gear that we use and get the best out of ..

What are you doing as a reader of this blog.. You don't have to be a photographer you could someone in your own business I'd love to hear from you what have you been doing during this lockdown period or different tiers of lockdown whatever you wanna call it. Yeah just put a message on below or a PM me it would be great to hear from you and get some dialogue going and your ideas and that is great just to bounce ideas off of one hour thank you.

That way I can feature you in future blogs and get some links to your website is the way you run your business is whatever you wanna talk about connecting is reflecting as I call it now so thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you.

Hampshire based as a photographer means I m not far from the countryside with may lovely and varied locations to capture clients at some really gorgeous venues like The Elvetham or Oakley Hall.

Remembering that being a creative is always self objective and for criticism and learning to take this on the chin is a good thing and will make you grow exponentially..


To enquire for information contact me

D2 D2


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Covid wedding nice to capture in strange times says Basingstoke Hampshire photographer I was so grateful to do my job one over the weekend after many cancellations rescheduled to next year.

This gorgeous wedding was split in two with the ceremony being this year and the party whatever you want to call it next year which I am really looking forward to.

Hampshire based as I am, it was a bright Autumn day so that was a bonus for family to witness their beautiful intimate wedding.

Masks and visors were worn by the congregation in the church of St Marys in Basingstoke while people had the option in their bubbles outside.

They did not hinder the smiles in the church ceremony which was nice as I could see the expresions still.

It felt like a warm relief for some normality to return and forget all that is going on in our day to day lives at the moment.

It was charming to say the least everyone enjoyed themselves including me.


To enquire contact me say hello to Steve

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Table dressings for weddings with flowers by Basingstoke photographer When choosing your theme for the day there are lots to think about and what you want for yourselves.

I have seen simple designs to full on everything you could possibly put on a table. Both work for there ideal situations.

Everyone has a budget for their wedding day say don't over do it have a balance that compliments your wedding.

Here are a few ideas on some tables and flowers.

Its so interesting how every wedding I take pictures for is so different from the colours and those intimate trinkets put on tables to add a personal touch.

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What's important to us Brides by Hampshire photographer steve Chatterton SJC photography During this year 2020 its all been bit of a blur for me as a wedding photographer in Hampshire.

Anyone saying it has been fun well we know what the answer would be to that.....

Wedding business and everything tied to it has been in melt down but with so many positive people in the business attitude has really helped.

What else could any of us do I felt really sorry for Brides who have planned this momentous wedding occasion only to have them dashed say for most next year..

Some of the things we forget and think its easy to do it is not just the date. To be honest it can be the loved ones that might not be there as older generations move to the end of their time its true though and no denying it either. I have had weddings moved forward just so loved ones could be at the wedding through terminal illness. It is bringing family and friends together for these one off events that is so important. 

My conclusion though this year is what has made us remember what is important to us with such a fast paced society.

Loved ones that we don't always see and close friends not all the material things.....

Photography near me Basingstoke Hampshire with stunning images to enrich your memories.

People who want quality professional images with a friendly down to earth approach only need apply Lol...x


So tip to brides be happy first for you and your loved ones its not about impressing anyone be happy in yourself.


And finally live for today!!!!

Happy wedding and good Luck!!!!


SJC photography 


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wasing park wedding photographerwasing park wedding photographer

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Have friggin fun with portrait lifestyle shoots by Steve portrait & wedding photographer Having friggin fun when I take photos for clients is a great way to relax people.


All the time I get clients saying how they don't like their picture taken... Does it bare how insecure we are no I don't think so we look at ourselves differently to how others perceive us. True there are introverts and extraverts to the extreme but we all line in there somewhere, some in the middle and some to the extremes.


Taking portraits for you I create fun in a calm atmosphere that is compelling even stupid to some people maybe!!! By engaging in a friendly manor we create a repour that breaks those barriers and relaxes you to feel its just another photo snap from the phone but of coarse the results will be much more through my eye and edited to shine and relive the experience in a jolly friggin awesome way.


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Registry office wedding at Basingstoke by Chatterton photography during 2020 covid During such a unprecedented time I felt for all the weddings that have been cancelled, not only for me but for all the industries that surround it and link in a big chain that has been sunk for sometime. 

Just my thoughts from Steve Chatterton wedding photographer Basingstoke Hants.

I was happy to be expressing my photography in a job that I undertake and enrich the memories for my clients over time.


People have different views on this situation that we find ourselves in. One thing on top of my list has been loved ones closest to me and I am sure it has made people see what really matters in life.

I was really happy to capture the few hours of my Bride and Groom's big day. It happened to be the hottest day of the year so far with the temp over 30 degrees.

The Basingstoke Registry Office is and will always be a pleasant place for Bride and Grooms to marry in with such charm and warmth about it.

We took a few images outside which turned a little cloudy when the ceremony was over. Though everyone seemed happy to have it a little cooler at that point.

So no pandemic was going to stop the smiles from happening today and look forward to creating a fantastic handmade wedding album for them too.

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(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) 19 2020 basingstoke covid details enrich fun hants natural pandemic photography photos"hampshire" shy wedding Tue, 18 Aug 2020 08:14:44 GMT
Engagement shoot in Hampshire near Old Alresford lots of natural fun images  

Lovely to get out over the weekend for this pre wedding shoot near Old Alresford Hampshire of this wonderful couple. We had lots of fun and making them feel special as this would have been there wedding day! Still we have that to look forward to in September now.

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(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) Alresford basingstoke black and white engagement fun natural Old photography photos"hampshire" portraits pre shoot wedding Mon, 03 Aug 2020 14:48:44 GMT
Expectations for the bride by Steve Chatterton wedding photographer Hampshire For Brides from Steve Chatterton wedding photographer Basingstoke Hants.

Hope this helps a little 


When you look through magazines on a break at work or in the comfort of your own home dreaming about the fantastic day you are going to have, be mindful of the images that can be created for you that you see as an idea from the magazine. 


You look thinking yes I love that idea and show your photographer. 

What happens with bridal preparations the expectations can fall short if you only have a kitchen to change in compared to a grand suite  in a Hotel with lovely window light to complement the images you saw in the magazine. So being mindful of what you have as rooms compared to what you would like image wise has to be managed.


Talking through these ideas with myself can help in understanding where you're heading with the images we can create for you to get the best possible outcome. As there maybe ways to create something nice without the grande Hotel that might not be in your budget.


Mostly though its down to feeling comfortable in your surroundings you choose then the magic happens from that point onwards!


Thanks Steve


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Basingstoke registry office was a really sunny day by Hampshire wedding photographer  

From Chatterton wedding photographer Basingstoke Hants

It doesn't matter what age you are when you're getting married love is cliche is something that I really find intriguing between the couples.

Having fun no matter what your age is something that can happen when you're in love and capturing their energy for them is a great feeling.

This was the Basingstoke registry office at the Memorial Park and was a really sunny day . We were just walking over to take a few pictures of this lovely couple I had the pleasure of capturing images of them.

They were very bubbly and down to earth people and we are surrounded by close family and friends which really make this an intimate day.

This unprecedented time it has been hard as a wedding photographer to keep motivated but one of the things that I do to overcome this is look back over the images that have made me feel alive and why I do this.

So stay positive as much as possible and as we break out into some sort of normality I've still been taking bookings for weddings as well as some new genres, such as headshot branding for companies.



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Quality service in photography business for wedding and portraits with fun element  

From Chatterton wedding photographer Basingstoke Hants just a thought!

Quality is priority:

I came across this really relevant quote by John Ruskin from the 19th century.

I couldn't put it better myself but I felt it was really relevant in the business I am running and that quality really does list above what you pay.

Have a little read see what you think this may not be relevant to certain clients but the discerning clients the idea to seems to have this philosophy in what they look for.

“It is unwise to pay too much, but it is unwise to pay too little. When you pay too much you lose a little money and that is all, but when you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing that you’ve bought isn’t capable of doing the thing it was bought to do.

The common law of business prohibits you from paying a little and receiving a lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder it would be as well to add something for the risk you run, and if you can do that you can afford to buy something better”.

“There is hardly anything in the world today that some man cannot make just a little worse and sell just a little cheaper, and the people who buy on price alone are this man’s lawful prey”.

John Ruskin, 1819 – 1900

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Nice polite non obtrusive photographer at your wedding in Hampshire While I was sitting sipping a coffee relaxing on Sunday afternoon after a busy wedding the day before.

Just a thought from Chatterton wedding photographer Basingstoke Hants

I often reflect on how it went normally thinking how glad I don't book two weddings in a row well for me anyway I just couldn't give 110% if I had one the day after as they are long days when you give everything emotionally to the clients on their big day.

I have been fortunate on the last three weddings to have had great feedback, oh yes this has been on the day of their weddings more or less these are their kind words. 

"Steve we are so glad we picked you."

Now scratch of the head as they have not fully seen the images only some from the back of the camera so what was it?

"Well the way you conducted yourself round the family and friends fitting in with the flow, non bossy ,taking over, always thinking of others, helping with ties, button holes, refreshments,"just some of the things mentioned to me.

Whats this got to do with images? Well for me it is making everyone feel comfortable around me now thats not me entertaining singing,dancing telling jokes by the way its being able to mingle with all age groups then capturing when everyone feels more comfortable around me and not being conscious that I am there.

Having success with wedding couple clients where they are happy go lucky, some very professional clients that want to have natural as well as some nice connecting fun portraits that doesn't take them away for long periods of their wedding if they want this.

Now I am not saying I am the best that would be silly but the type of clients I have worked for seem to not go for just the price they look for a little bit more which suits me. I don't want to be the wedding photographer who has been picked because he was the cheapest. Thats not to say it works for some people in the business. I'm the one they choose for other reasons[most of the time][modest as well]


Bit of fun, well they were enjoying the company with each other and the sunshine.

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Print competition over four rounds good feeling says SJC photography Hampshire  

Well I never thought it would happen but my first year with Basingstoke camera club I came away with this.

Honoured to win the print A league.

This was over four rounds with two images each time. There were some fantastic images in the mix from nature to portraits amongst some images presented. The judges are external so no favouritism there then.

The reason for entering was to develop my printing skills which can get lost in a screen digital age. 

Keeping something tangible is more valuable than putting a usb in the draw only to find it is not compatible anymore in the future.

This could be a problem for us if we don't print what is valuable to us to look at over time.


Still the next years competition starts from October time 2020 and look forward to seeing all the work that is entered.


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Training more important than ever says Steve chatterton photographer in Basingstoke Hampshire In these uncertain times of a pandemic for all people it has been important to take stock of my business after seeing the family is okay first.


Looking at new ways to improve on the level I have already got gives me fresh and invigorates me with fresh ideas.

It gives new tools for potential new clients to trust in me delivering high quality photography.

You could say stop but this art you can always add to the knowledge you already have. Sometimes it can be down to how I process my images speeding this process up leads to more time with clients and taking more images which is one thing I love to do..


Like phones technology changes very fast so being current with software is a must with demands on larger files to edit.

I take advantage of the SWPP society for wedding and portrait photographers which I am a member of. They like some other care reaching out to their members with seminars such as wedding photography tips lighting and marketing. All very useful I must say and why not at this time when none of us are working in this instruction as such. 

Developing never stops like the grande master have said to me never stop learning because if you think you know everything in this industry thats when you come a cropper .

So learning news tools for the clients is always a bonus to me as it is a way of giving back beautiful images to clients to cherish.


Thanks SJC photography 



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Take advantage of lockdown and ask questions says Steve wedding photographer Hampshire While we are in such a unique unprecedented situation at the moment I feel for everyone.

For bride and grooms to be we have had it so good for so long how can we deal with this lockdown.

So while looking for venders why not email for advice and get a more personal feel for who your talking to. 

Questions that may niggle you and may even seem silly can be of value to you and draw you to some sort of conclusion.

To be honest the stats are showing more visitors to my website and enquires for next year are underway for availability.

This is nice but we are all adapting in our own ways.

One I just booked for the lovely Audley's wood Hotel Hampshire all done over the phone. I even don't think my voice is that great but considering they had a list of over 60 photographers initially I did not do to badly. Now thats not to say I am going to fit in everyones box that would be silly as I have learnt over the years in life and business.

So for yourselves I am hear to help even with other vendors that I trust and have worked with at the same weddings I can always advise.

Whether you chose to use me or then like anybody its up to you but at least your have more knowledge to make some sort of decision right?

For the most part these days we click and click again needing that one second to get your attention with thousands of home spun websites that look very professional.

That being said try looking a little deeper on sites its amazing what you can find out.




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A quick up date on photography Business lockdown how are we all doing? Well where do you start folks this is a very difficult situation for everyone and I hope everyone is keeping well as can be and all your friends and family.

As a self-employed person this is been a very tricky and I'm sure it is for everyone in my situation but I just thought I would reach out at this time and keep in touch with people and say hello.

For me I have been moving all of my weddings to next year I still got a few that are holding on and I hope that we will be able to do these this year. 

Over the last three weeks it has been a different way of working from home as all the family are now around at the same time with one computer my wife working from home as well as going into work and my son with his college work but he has to finish this years all online. So I am taking the night shift sometimes!

I suspect like a lot of people you are diving into jobs around the house that have been left where we are so busy with our lives before the lockdown.

We've had a good D clutter of the office which has been wonderful and something that my wife has been chipping away at me to do for a long time so I thank her a lot as this is something I'm not really great at.

One of the biggest things I miss about my job is mixing with people and bringing smiles to their faces especially at weddings which I know we created good rapport with my clients.

So At this time like a lot of people missing their families I can really understand how frustrating this is but technology is moved us to a level where at least we can talk to one another even by visual means. 

I have been talking though in a positive manner to clients as much as possible by Skype,FaceTime and good old fashioned phone for enquiries on weddings next year.
So anyone wanting to speak to someone just general chitchat and any information that I can help you with regarding weddings and future portraits that you are thinking of families, children and pets.

This is me signing off Steve Chatterton SJC photography try and enjoy the weather as much as possible and stay safe everyone.

Tell me in the comments how your feeling, doing and how your dealing with this Lockdown.

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Dog Lifestyle Portraits by Hampshire photographer Steve Chatterton SJC photography I was asked to do some images of a cross breed Poodle in the depths of winter. We were planning on natural portraits in this instance as I felt this would bring out the personality of the dogs. 

We planned the shoot in a woodland habitat  that was where the owner had taken their poodles  before in their  morning walks routine so was happy in this environment. The dogs had plenty of energy and so watched for awhile as it ranWe planned the shoot in Forest that was where the owner had taken poodle for its morning walks so was happy in this environment. The dog had plenty of energy and so watched for awhile as it ran around the woods.

I then took in consideration the light that was pinging through the forest at a low angle so I was shooting with backlighting using a 70 to 200 mil lens. This was lots of fun and we had to use quite a high shutter speed to capture the movement of the dog. We took plenty of shots different angles some more actual portraits of dogs standing still as well as moving around enjoying themselves.

D2 D2


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SWPP 2020 convention what awesome photography inspiration Well hello and welcome everyone to another awesome convention.  I had the privilege of attending and helping in the print competition again for 2020.

This is something if you are into photography is well worth going to, and watch, sit, listen and learn from the judges who give their free time to this.

The experience you gain from this is invaluable with praise and tips on improving your images is awesome.

Even when the marks have been good enough for the display there is still room to learn.

I also witnessed a print getting 100 full marks which I believe has happened three times now over the ten years or so that this competition has been running.

Seeing the emotion from the photographer shows how much this all means and there were a few getting the merits needed and above where being one of them meant so much to them and me.

Generally being able to mix and talk to other photographers from other fields of experience is always a good thing to listen to them and understanding their take on photography with years of experience being given to newbies and older generations.


I was so proud to achieve three Merit awards for three prints that I entered into the print competition. This is something that I have been wanting to achieve for personal reasons the prints that I entered into the print competition.  I've looked at all the the prints that have gone before and always been very inspirational on wanting simply a rosette if you like just to say reaching that level for those prints.

For some time I thought  this may not be achievable on how to actually get to this level but by going to the convention print judging over the years I've tried taking on board what has been said.

At The convention and actually listening to the judges talk about individual prints in a way that would actually help if you were to be in the situation of a similar sort of shoot yourself would hopefully resinate giving extra tools before you press the shutter.

The judges comments are invaluable and you can take this away taking it on the chin and be respectful of where they are as fellowship photographers being the top in their fields and have earned the right to talk about prints. They're not actually criticising an image actually trying to  Mark  images up as best they can.

 So over the years now  it's not only just about taking the image it's actually about printing  images and bringing them to life in a way that can actually enhance the subject. There's been too many times we just handover digital files basically like a negative that could go in the drawer.

It's actually about printing an image and bringing it to life in a way that can actually enhance the subject. 

The learning process has been a journey and it won't stop and there's always something new in images especially when you're having judges making comments the pluses and minuses which is all very helpful.

You can take this away and process this and put this information into what you are doing. Lots of photographers have made comments stating that when they've actually gone to judging days of the prints they've come away  with so much wealth of information.

So on this awesome convention 2020 till next time.  Thanks Steve

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Oakley Hall wedding photographer talks about clients The gorgeous Oakley Hall always never disappoints in anyways in Hampshire for weddings!

A matter of client photographer relationship has always been one of the top of the list things to pick with inspirational images as well.

There can be nothing better than booking someone that you really get on with and trust. To know them so you feel comfortable in front of camera no matter what level experience you have in front of the camera most of us don't even realise how much we spend around cameras with the digital age.

You have planned the day to perfection as you a likely to get with the closest family and friends you invited.

Clients who book me are like minded in the fact of feeling comfortable its not all about the photography its capturing non posed as well those moments you never get back!

As soon as the clients wedding is booked the work starts for me its not all on the day there are lots of things to go through with clients before there big day.

(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke details hants Oakleyhall photography photos"hampshire" price" wedding Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:30:36 GMT
Little portrait offer 2020 spring pets and families in Hampshire It's SJC photography here and I just like to say sorry for being a little bit late here now but time is been quite busy here all winter actually and lots of enquiries for weddings which has gone really well so far with new packages being offered and more skill sets introduced.

I just completed my first wedding at Highfield Park which went really well and managed to get outside for some lovely group shots and some lovely signature shots in the time span we were given there.
All is good and I hope everyone is feeling good even though it's middle of winter with a few traces of snow outside today!

I had really good fun earlier this month capturing images of three dogs and their owner over some local countryside forest near Andover. One I believe was a Labrador poodle which is a cross breed. I could be corrected as I'm not familiar with all dog terminologies and I am told one could be a Labradoodle and yeah you could break out into song with these but I think it's really interesting. I have been asked about my latest ventures that I am going to be selling so here is what I’m offering.

With the new avenue of your family and children and dog portraits this could be a lovely gift especially as Mother's Day is coming upon us.
I am offering trial £39 session which will take place from now and this is going through to Easter with one hour shoot. 

This is a location shoot if you wanna be walking the dogs and your children and yourselves it is always fun and good exercise as well so we're not just locked up in a studio. Weather permitting I do like to take pictures in the rain but it's whether or not you like to get wet or stay dry dry on sunny day preferably. 
This is an opportunity to have fun and bond with your family and make memories for the future. I do offer specialised frames that are handmade by a specialist company and come in variety of bespoke frames to choose from. 

So do get in touch and pass the offer around and it will be good to see everyone this year.

Take care steve


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Barton's Mill Old Basing wedding photographer Hampshire A lovely wedding venue set in the heart of Hampshire is this stunning mill by the river.


The low ceilings and natural wooden decor give this venue a clean rustic feel when it comes to images taken by myself.


The natural light piers through hamlet window giving pools of soft light that need care and attention when framing and capturing guests. Small amounts of flash were used to give a pleasing soft light when bounced where possible. This is all part of working as a wedding photographer and being able now to process and work from one room to the next without fluffing around.

(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) Bartons Mill basingstoke details fun hants photography photos"hampshire" pricing" wedding Wed, 27 Nov 2019 13:56:08 GMT
Basingstoke Hampshire wedding photographer Registry Office Basingstoke One of the oldest and nicest registry offices that I have worked at capturing images of weddings.


It is always nice with the old look outside of the Georgian office that once was a stately home I believe.


The building is known as Goldings and dates back to the 1600 and around 1800 is the building we see to this day.


There are grande pillars out the front which gives plenty of opportunity to take some lovely images and can be used for confetti throwing area and looks great in the background.

There are plenty of large windosgiving a soft light inside when taking images and a lovely staircase.


The building looks like you have paid for one of the elegant manor houses that are in and around Basingstoke.

So what a treat to capture images here as always.

If you like this idea and would like to go on my VIP list which entitles you to pre public offers click here to register not to miss D2 D2

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Hold the front page portrait cover in magazine by Hampshire portrait photographer  

It is really nice when one of your images hits the front cover of a magazine.


This lovely client and very interesting at that wanted some images to use for their front cover.


It was a pleasure talking to him as well sometimes you forget it is actually a job you are doing. To me that makes everything more comfortable for the clients who come to me. Never being in a studio can be like going to the dentist for some people though I won't be pulling any teeth out for you!

The approach is taking our time talking laughing and just getting that look sometimes with  changes of clothes which this is done in preparations before the shoot.

So you don't just turn up cold and no ideas we have a consultation of vision that your trying to achieve and I will come up with suggestions to formulate this with you.

Happy days really pleased for this clients achievements.

Contact click here to enquire for your branding


(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke commercial corporate digital design head magazine natural photography romantic" shoot" shot" wedding Mon, 14 Oct 2019 06:00:00 GMT
Happy Clients collecting their bespoke frames from SJC photography Hampshire portraits  


Always happy in my job as a natural moments portrait photographer in Hampshire.

Moving away from the traditional studio and letting clients feel free on location helps settle them down and have fun quicker especially with siblings involved.

I have joined forces with a top framing company that now allows me to show clients what they could potentially get with the frames and their images on screen before they are made.

This lovely couple collected their frames with the ones on show being some of the smaller ones they purchased.


They are taking these frames to Spain where they live now, how lucky are they leaving this weather behind.

See you next time for more special images for you.

(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke bespoke details frames framing fun hants natural photography portraits quality Thu, 10 Oct 2019 16:44:41 GMT
Hampshire wedding photographer at Warbrook House  

This lovely family wedding was at Warbrook House Hampshire. The weather held off after a few early showers in the morning.

Reliving the day is what I create form Bride and Grooms watching the happiness, tears and laughter are all part of the big day I return to you in the form of memories.

D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2

(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke details fun hants natural natural wedding photography photography romance wedding Fri, 27 Sep 2019 14:55:13 GMT
Basingstoke wedding photographer helps Kevin Wilson at venue capturing the Bride Being an Honour to help Kevin Wilson not only is a fantastic wedding photographer but all round nice chap. 


While working and capturing the wedding with Kevin who gives the green light on expressing yourself I took this while Kevin was sorting the dress and pose that he was preparing with this gorgeous bride. Th framing and soft light gave a timeless feel to this image which Kevin had kind words on the day for me and afterwards.

Kevin mentors photographers to achieve greatness and achieving qualifications which I might add he has many.

Looking and creating I have taken from Kevin the things that make me smile, the softness and glamour of wedding photography always looking and taking note without being obtrusive during the day.


Never stop learning!!!

(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke details fun Hampshire hants natural photography photography" photos"hampshire" romance wedding wedding photographer Basingstoke Wed, 18 Sep 2019 12:43:59 GMT
Basingstoke photographer gets monthly award from swpp I like to take my camera when I am away visiting places as you never know what you come up against and get a little surprise of something that takes your eye to photograph.

We were on a mini break in the midlands when this unique structure was found with a added bonus of  maintenance being done by a climber over the building.

I received a Highly commended for this in the society of wedding and portraits which is always nice that they feel it is worthy of above normal professional standard and has something more in their judgement when you look at it.

(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke details hants photography photos"hampshire" photos"hampshire"unique simple award wedding Wed, 11 Sep 2019 12:32:24 GMT
Sherfield Village Hall countryside wedding from Basingstoke Hampshire Photographer This lovely wedding I had the privilege of capturing of such a down to earth couple that you could ever meet.


The Bride and Groom were so genuine that this makes my job so enjoyable all the family and friends were so nice as well being warm and welcoming to me.


The sun was out with this gorgeous wedding day at Sherfield Village Hall which is set in the rural boundaries near Basingstoke and south of Reading.

Behind the Village Hall are some lovely grounds to take images and create something quite lovely in keeping with the rural theme they had.

Here are a small selection to view.

Thank You



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(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke basingstoke" details fun"sheffield hall hants natural photographer photography romance village wedding wedding" Mon, 02 Sep 2019 12:37:38 GMT
Bridal tips for images in Hampshire Basingstoke wedding photographer For Brides


When you look through magazines on a break at work or in the comfort of your own home dreaming about the fantastic day you are going to have, be mindful of the images that can be created for you that you see as an idea from the magazine. 


You look thinking yes I love that idea and show your photographer. 

What happens with bridal preparations the expectations can fall short if you only have a kitchen to change in compared to a grande wedding suite  in a Hotel with lovely window light to complement the images you saw in the magazine. So being mindful of what you have as rooms compared to what you would like image wise has to be managed.


Talking through these ideas with myself can help in understanding where you're heading with the images we can create for you to get the best possible outcome. As their maybe ways to create something nice without the grande Hotel that might not be in your budget.


The Elveltham, Warbook House, Highfield Park, Oakley Hall all have large windows to help with that light.


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(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke basingstoke wedding photographer bridal preps details elvetham hotel wedding fun hants natural newbury wedding photographer photographers near me photography photos"hampshire" romance s steve chatterton tips wedding wedding photography near me Wed, 28 Aug 2019 11:14:15 GMT
Hampshire wedding photographer Bride alone portrait at Highfield Park venue This is a portrait  that I thought captured the bride peacefully in her own mind as can be before the ceremony.

Everyone is different but giving the Bride a few moments to collect her thoughts and have myself talk calmly to capture some beautiful individual moments helps settle them down.


I thought this image reminded me of a vintage style that I saw years ago that helped inspire me to become a wedding photographer in Basingstoke. I thank you to all the images that have captivated me to do this.

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(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke Black and white bride details hants Highfield Park" photography vintage wedding Tue, 09 Jul 2019 08:58:38 GMT
Hampshire wedding photographer lovely engagement shoot It was my pleasure and fun taking this lovely couples engagement shoot before their big day next month in Sherborne St John Hampshire.

(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke details end engagement shoot hampshire"high hants photography portraits" Thu, 06 Jun 2019 14:28:15 GMT
Hampshire wedding photographer at Northbrook Park Here at a lovely Hampshire wedding venue Northbrook Park I had the pleasure of shooting along side Alistair Jones.I was in charge of the groom preparations as it was Alistair's wedding he had the bridal preparation .

I rather like the banter of the groom getting ready as I normally miss this when capturing images of the brides in the morning when working alone.

Northbook House is a splendid Manor set in the depths of the British countryside.

There are plenty of places to create stunning images in many ways.


(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) Northbook Park basingstoke details hants natural photography photos"hampshire" romantic wedding Sat, 04 May 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Basingstoke wedding photography Elvetham Hall  

I had the pleasure of photographing this wedding at Elvetham Hall with Alistair Jones as a second photographer as there was lots to cover during the coarse of the day.

Its always interesting when I have second photographers to work with me closely in my mind the work has to be of a professional high standard still and has to work with a flow that blends two photographers work together to make a seamlessly stitched finished article of the day.


So here are my images from the day to give you just one side of the story at Elvetham Hall Fleet Rd, Hartley Wintney, Hook RG27 8AS

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(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke details Elvetham fun Hall hants photos"hampshire" weddin'photographer Tue, 16 Apr 2019 21:54:13 GMT
Basingstoke wedding photographer Winter wedding at Tylney Hall Hampshire all in the dark This was a wonderful wedding in December of my lovely clients who decided to move their wedding forward to to family circumstances. 


To show willing in this we went through their day to see what was what.


Who, where and when was the sorting point of the day. 


They wanted natural portraits where possible though the groom went through the pain barrier to get the images as he had a really painful back and was finding it hard without rest on the day. He was determined not to let this dame the day for his lovely bride and family.



(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke destinationphotography fun hall lights moody natural newbury photography photos"hampshire" portraits romantic tyney tyneyhall wedding Thu, 04 Apr 2019 15:28:09 GMT
Judging photography competition for schools in Andover to go on to regional final in nature theme I was delighted to be asked to help in Andover Hampshire with a few others to judge some images in photography nature categories.


Each student had to enter three images printed for us to view and judge.

It was very exciting to see the styles and development of the young people with such diverse ideas.

There were some individual images that really stood out but we had to look for three that could combine and back up with each other.


The concept was quite open but we felt there were three or four in some cases that were very close on who to choose as the winner at this stage.

I was quite taken in the fact that I would have loved to have taken some of these photos myself as an adult not alone at there youthful age.

I think in this digital  age we can develop quicker as photographers with the freedom to take more images and not worry as in my day of film with 36 on a roll and developing costs as well on top.

This made me hold back some times and not experiment as freely as possibly as you could now.

But in saying that with weddings I shoot less is more these days and not machine gunning in hope of capturing that great image I prefer timing as one of the main components in my head that is to facilitate a good standard.


So all in all it was a good day to have been asked to help judge. It is something not to take lightly as these students have put their heart and souls into this competition. So encouraging  to keep going even if you did not win at this stage does not mean to give up.

First and foremost it is about enjoying photography and this will take you through the test of time as you look back at your images captured through the years.

Part from weddings I have been developing the love with photoshop art.

So combing images to tell my own story is something I really like to do.

So I will be entering a few more creations in my own society and clubs I am with. I have had a few golds and highly commended now which are above the professional standard and are showing degrees in the judges eyes of that little something extra that turns one eyebrow up in acknowledgement.


So being a judge has opened my eyes again and inspired myself to enter more comps why not!

digital art hampshire londondigital art hampshire london

(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke details fun hants photography wedding Wed, 20 Mar 2019 23:59:48 GMT
Windmill using Lee Filters in Wales uk I was fortunate enough to have a rare weekend away with friends and thought I would take my camera along if the opportunity arrived to use the Lee Filters they are such high quality filters.


Having a slow exposure and giving movement in the dramatic sky of this windmill.


Well just to add to this got awarded a highly commended  for this image which was a nice touch as they are hard to come by from the SWPP which I belong to.

I entered this the the February competition so as I said always nice to achieve a good standard that the judges like.

(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke details filters lee lee filters photography Fri, 01 Mar 2019 18:00:20 GMT
Engagement portrait pre wedding at Barton's Mill Old Basing Hampshire The lovely couple to be married at Barton's Mill Old Basing Hampshire has an idilic setting with the lovely river running through this and to the side makes it a very popular venue especially in the summer where you can have a walk and chill with a cool drink during the evenings.


We went through the day talking families and timings and what they wanted for this. They were very excited young couple talking about their big day and were much looking forward to it.

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(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) Barton basingstoke details Engagement fun Hampshire" hants Mill" Old Basing photography portrait pre wedding s shopping"romantic wedding Mon, 18 Feb 2019 08:30:00 GMT
Basingstoke wedding photographer at Oakley Hall family portraits Hampshire uk Family fun Portraits of this lovely family who contacted me about some images at Oakley Hall Hampshire.


We run through a brief with clients so they know where I am coming from regarding how to act which is making people feel at ease in front of the camera which is an art in its self.


This is how I work see my write up from them on google as it was very nice words .


Oakley Hall portraitsOakley Hall Oakley Hall portraitsOakley Hall Oakley Hall portraitsOakley Hall Oakley Hall portraitsOakley Hall

(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) Basingstoke details Family fun Hampshire Oakley Hall photography Portraits Mon, 11 Feb 2019 07:15:00 GMT
Illustrative concept digital art in Hampshire uk This was a combination of images I have taken at different times.

Then layered carefully to blend as one image.These ideas take time with the ice-cream van giving me the film IT kind of feel with the masked person inside.

This achieved a Highly Commended in the monthly swpp competition so always nice to get these little achievements along the way.

Thanks for looking


(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke concept digital art Hampshire Illustrative photography uk Fri, 08 Feb 2019 08:00:00 GMT
Andover wedding photographer Stonehenge and the Hawk Conservancy weddings Wiltshire-Hampshire It was a great year 2018 for adventuring in to new venues round the south of England,Hampshire,Surrey and Wiltshire area.


I had the pleasure of working with Alistair Jones who needed an extra photographer.

So I engaged with his clients like they were my own on the day concentrating on positions and anything I would look for on my own weddings around Basingstoke.


There was a unique wedding at Stonehenge that was a 4.30am start there was mist through the stones which gave it a brilliant atmosphere as it rolled over the undulations of the downs and stones.

The formal wedding celebrations were at  Hawk conservancy Andover SP11 8DY.It is a great place to visit for families not alone weddings.

The birds were flying over head and amongst everyone which I managed to capture one shot to do this with the bride and groom no retakes.


Here's a few.


(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke details Hampshire hawk conservancy photography romance Stonehenge unique wedding Wiltshire Tue, 05 Feb 2019 15:14:57 GMT
The lovely wedding of Beckie and David at Esseborne Manor Hurstbourne Tarrant, Andover Essborne Manor is located close to Highclere Castle, home of the television series Downton Abbey.

This is a lovely family run Victorian Country Hotel and is ideal for those wanting a countryside Manor wedding.

I started the day in the morning with Beckie having her hair and make up and throughout the morning I was seeing the groom David as well for some cool groom shots.

It was a beautiful sunny day with some gorgeous low light catching through the trees and adding atmosphere to some of the images taken.

The friends and family were all very warm and welcoming and it was a real pleasure to capture the day for them.


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(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke details engagement Esseborne Manor hants party photography photojournalistic romance romantic stunning wedding' Sat, 10 Nov 2018 20:48:57 GMT
Sandford Springs golf club Newbury lovely wedding of Pat and Graham  

The lovely wedding venue of Sandford Springs Golf Club near Newbury.  The staff are very friendly and professional and good to work with.


We started with meeting the Bride who had a lovely smile from start to finish.

All the friends and family were down to earth as I  captured images throughout the day. 


Here are a few.

(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke club" fun golf newbury photography romantic sandford springs wedding Thu, 08 Nov 2018 15:12:25 GMT
The lovely wedding at St.Michael’s Church North Waltham and Dummer Golf Club Hampshire The lovely wedding of Carla and Chris at St.Michael’s Church North Waltham and reception at Dummer Golf Club Hampshire.


I was very excited to be part of this special day and capture their wedding as it unfolded through the day. We had a few discussions about their day and the parts where we would do some images of just the two of them as well as capturing little moments.


It’s always lovely to put the images together for the final gallery.


After their honeymoon in Hawaii we went through a slide show to relive the day for them.


Here are a few from the day.

(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke bridal details dress Dummer golf club hants photography romance wedding wedding dress Fri, 02 Nov 2018 13:32:23 GMT
Fairytale wedding photography at Audleys Wood Hotel in Hampshire by Chatterton We all love a good wedding right well this was no exception with Abby and Mike getting married on one of the hottest summers on record. I was approached in 2017 about my wedding photography and how they felt they wanted to book me from my images that I present on my website.This is always a great start and we hit it off with various meetings and a lovely pre wedding shoot where we went to the next level of trust when they saw what I had done for them.


They wanted to capture the whole day so we started with the bridal preps where I found everyone very calm and having a few giggles along the way.

I turned my attention to Mike who as a groom didn't show signs of nerves and was happy having a few captured moments  with the boys.

The day panned out nicely with the friendly well organised Audleys Wood Hotel helping the wedding run smoothly .

it was lovely to capture the horse and carriage as part of their day where Abby's love for animals running her own horse business came across beautifully.


Here are a few from the day.


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(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) adults basingstoke fairytale fun hampshire hotel photography photos"hampshire" romantic wedding wood Thu, 18 Oct 2018 20:20:36 GMT
Broughton summer countryside wedding in Hampshire What a fantastic wedding I had the pleasure of capturing at Broughton in Hampshire. 


Mel and Steve are a friendly down to earth couple and taking their wedding photos for them was a lot of fun.We had some location ideas we went through before the big day and with the hot sun beaming all day had great opportunities to do this.

Their family and friends were very welcoming and were always asking if I had drinks which was a nice thought by them. 

It was a really chilled fun atmosphere and you could sense a good vibe of people really getting on together from the French side and English side gelled really well.


Here are a few from the day.


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(SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire) basingstoke broughton chilled details fun hants love photography photos"hampshire" romance romantic wedding photographer Tue, 18 Sep 2018 11:08:01 GMT
Silchester House beautiful wedding captured by Steve Chatterton Hampshire Basingstoke What a lovely wedding couple I had the privilege of capturing their wedding at Silchester House Hampshire. the weather was lovely with blue sky and a hint of white clouds from time to time.


Lorraine and Stephen were great from the start being relaxed with family and friends attending making this wedding very warm and cosy with whom there close to.

Silchester House run a lovely well organised wedding venue to make everyone feel relaxed throughout the day.