1 Get a good nights sleep. 

All good having lots of people round the night before but remember your head will be fixed on the wedding and you will get tempted in to one to many to take your mind off things. This could lead to not having a good nights rest and and making your wedding day a tiresome affair


2 Setting the tone for your day

This can be getting ready somewhere neutral without lots of family and freindsjust the bridesmaid where possible.As emotions can run high with what they are doing and can stress you out to and have negative effect.


So nice calm soak in the bath to relax. Give your self time before the makeup artist arrive. Make sure you give time for them properly I have seen Brides having to rush with the dress which can build up unwanted tension.


3 REMEBER TO highdarte

Remember to drink water during the day at least you probably won't feel like eating though which is understandable. Protien bars can do the trick for that little boost especially if your wedding breakfast isn't till late in the day.


4 Have people to help

This is vital have some people you trust delegating tasks out can really help not to many people just enough to listen the load for you. you can be in to places at once juts remember friends and family love to help.


5 Hair

Just pure from a photography point of view I like the hair up on brides. Those windy days which seem more and more of now summer or winter can play havoc

Your hair won't last long so the time you want a few images it can prove a little difficult outside while your chewing your hair from time to time. Don't get me wrong I have some fabulous images with brides hair down. It is sometimes brides would not even have thought of as a problem. And you might be the type of lady that does not mind so in that case that is a good thing.