Congratulations on your engagement !!!

This is a special part of your life that you will want to remember with fondness and love of all that has happened throughout the day.

I can help heighten the level of your wedding memories with lovely photographs in a calm and friendly professional manor with the likes of Wokefield Park,Highfield Park and Audley's wood being some of the elegant locations for weddings to date.

The price you pay can be even more with the disappointment with the photos you are stuck with if you select the wrong photographer!!!

The aim for me when you book is quality and undivided attention to your needs.We will work closely together so on the big day you feel confident all is taken care of with attentive planning of your days wedding.I will fit neatly in and around the events of the day capturing funny,sad and loving emotions to produce a story for you to enjoy again and again with family and friends.  

£895 starting price for wedding

Also larger packages with bespoke design with a A4 elegant handmade album (as shown below) designed for you to enjoy starting with 50 images of various sizes.

You can add more photos to this and parent albums the choice is yours. You also get a password protected gallery to view all your wedding photos as part of the package.

There is a pre wedding shoot to add to your experience so you get to know how I work and have fun.



Tell me about your big day as  I love to listen to your needs and reservations on any topic that you are not sure of it doesn't have to be about photography. As I love to get a better understanding of your special day it could be about table settings the friends and family that you invite, yes anything it's always fascinating how unique your wedding will be compared to anyone else's even the same venue that I may have taken photos at.

So all my wedding services are guaranteed for quality to see you through your years of passing time. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me no matter how silly you think the question is as I will answer as fully as I can for you. 


For all enquiries use my contact page and I will get back to you asap


Thank you 

Steve Chatterton

SJC photography

Below high end Elegant Handmade Wedding Album with more sizes available.


This is a hand crafted A4 size book made in the UK offered from SJC photography Basingstoke Hampshire

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