lee filter blocker and grad by Steve Chatterton Hampshire UK

February 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I used a blocker 10 stop with a grad filter for the shots below. Processed with Lightroom.

The sky was changing quite rapidly towards Bournemouth where the sun was setting so I bracketed the shots with 3 second exposures adding as I went.

Yes there’s lots of similar shots taken over the years but I rarely get the chance to take this sort of seascape.

The Lee filters themselves come in a unique pouch case for ease of access to get filters and put away .The square filter comes with quick release mount that is handy to change filters and leave the adaptor ring on the lens.

This is good if you wanted to up sticks and move along say over rough terrain safely in the knowledge your filters were stored nicely away.

I have tried numerous types of filters and have to say they are we'll made for Landscape photographers  and pros and ams a like won’t go far wrong with these added to there collection.


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